March 17th, 2011
03:34 PM ET

House votes to bar federal funding for NPR

The House of Representatives passed legislation Thursday that would bar federal funding for National Public Radio.

While the measure was expected to pass the GOP-controlled House, it is believed to have little chance of clearing the Democratic-controlled Senate.

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  1. Vern Lazaroff

    As a subscriber to public radio I would be happy to double my annual contribution and urge all like minded souls to follow suit to remove the need to defend against the right wing offensive against NPR if I thought it would eliminate the need for government support. NPR does more, better reporting internationally and domestically than all other radio broadcasting sources in the USA combined regardless of their alleged editorial slant. I'd rather help pay for real information at a reasonable price than have to listen to the uniformed polemical ranting from a Rush Limbaugh that passes for informed programming on commercial radio. My occasional disagreements with NPR biases are nothing compared with the bliss of not having my ear bent by the dismal wasteland of commercial broadcasting that generates billions in profits catering to the lowest common denominator. NPR raises the level of broadcasting from the idiotic, infantile nonsense of commercial broadcasting to a superb informational service. NPR proves that government investment CAN result in an extraordinary achievement. Maybe that is reason the far right detests NPR so much. Ask yourself:Should the federal park service be eliminated because some politician discerns a left wing taint to some its policies or employees? Does that mean we should eliminate all government support for the park service and turn the parks over to commercial interests so that the parks are self supporting?
    The answer is no. Our national parks, like NPR, can only exist in their present state with the charitable support of the public and governmental subsidies.

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