U.S. troops in Europe banned from wearing uniforms off base
A U.S. Air Force bus is examined at a Frankfurt airport after two U.S. airmen were killed in a March 2 shooting.
March 24th, 2011
11:25 AM ET

U.S. troops in Europe banned from wearing uniforms off base

The U.S. military's European Command is ordering all U.S. troops in Europe not to wear their uniforms outside military installations, the newspaper Stars and Stripes reports.

The order comes three weeks after a gunman opened fire on a U.S. Air Force bus at Frankfurt, Germany's, main airport, killing two U.S. airmen. It also comes as U.S. forces in Europe help enforce a no-fly zone over Libya, which is across the Mediterranean Sea from Europe. That operation is led by U.S. Africa Command in Stuttgart, Germany.

“The directive specifically forbids the wear of uniforms for travel between duty and domicile, short convenience stops, conduct of physical fitness, travel between installations, and off post messing,” the Stripes report quotes an order issued over Armed Forces Network - Europe as saying.

European Command spokesman Capt. Ed Buclatin told Stripes that local units can impose stronger restrictions if necessary.

Stripes says the order may be a hassle for troops.

"It will surely result in some inconveniences for troops, many of whom have grown accustomed to eating lunch at nearby restaurants, and running daily errands. And no one living off post will drive to or from work in uniform," the reports says.

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