Rare dinosaur fossil discovered in Canadian oil sand
Suncor Energy workers Michel Gratton and Shawn Funk found this rare specimen while mining oil sand in northern Canada.
March 30th, 2011
11:42 AM ET

Rare dinosaur fossil discovered in Canadian oil sand

Workers at an oil sand site in Canada have found a 110 million-year-old fossil of a dinosaur previously unknown in that area, Alberta's Royal Tyrrell Museum announced.

Employees of Suncor Energy, the parent company of Sunoco and PetroCanada, stopped work last week near Fort McMurray, Alberta, when supervisor Michel Gratton and shovel operator Shawn Funk found a large lump of dirt with an unusual texture and diamond patterns.

They sent photos to the museum near Drumheller, 400 miles south, which dispatched a scientist and a technician to check it out.

They were expecting a marine reptile fossil, but were surprised when it turned out to be an ankylosaur, a squat, four-legged, vegetarian dinosaur that was covered with bony plates and had a tail like a club.

"We've never found a dinosaur in this location," said Dr. Donald Henderson, curator of dinosaurs at the Royal Tyrrell Museum, 85 miles northeast of Calgary. "Because the area was once a sea, most finds are invertebrates such as clams and ammonites. ...

"To find an ankylosaur is totally unexpected here," he said. "Finding one of these animals anywhere is a rare occurrence."

Royal Tyrrell scientists planned to return to the site this week to oversee the fossil's removal from the ground and take it back to the museum for study, museum spokeswoman Leanna Mohan said.

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  4. Sollux Took

    Here is an answer that isn't just people complaining about/being idiots that think the planet is 5000 years old:
    Perhaps the animal was a precursor to aquatic mammals, like a fat, ugly sea lion. Looking at the animal: nevermind.
    Idea 2: small localization of geographical features that deteriorated over time, somehow hiding a tiny island? That's dumb. Like science cares what the internet says anyways.

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  5. popeye

    But anyway

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    Answer: tsunami.

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  9. James

    There was recently found in a coal mine, the fossil jawbone of a shark.... 700 feet underground. In Illinois, there is a coal mine where the overburden of limestone has fossils of trees, ferns, and other plants... Also hundreds of feet underground. In the example of the shark jawbone, if there were to be 1 foot per year of earth built up it would take 700 yrs for the shark to have been on the surface, swimming around. So, since we have historical records dating back several thousand years, this dinosaur shark was alive a hundred years before Columbus discovered the new world. I think you New world folks need to be careful and not drink the cool aid.

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    • Cedar Rapids

      And you are getting 1 foot per year build up in this area where the jaw bone was found from where?

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  10. wspizzi

    Don't deny evolution until you have studied it thoroughly and understand it thoroughly. Until you do, you will NOT be authoritative.
    Don't deny the Bible until you have studied it thoroughly and understand it thoroughly. Until you do, you will NOT be authoritative.

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  11. It's The Government's Fault

    Clearly this is a liberal attempt to stop drilling in Canada. It's a common misconception that dinosaurs actually existed. "Dinosaurs" were created by athiests in an attempt to validate the Earth's ago. These so called fossils are nothing more than alligator and crocodile parts that have been chemically altered by scientists and planted for people to find. I suppose next they'll try to tell us that men actually walked on the moon, that the world is round and that there is no man in the sky. Ridiculous.

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  12. Artie2

    Dinosaurs = the first evolutionary project to go wrong and come to an abrubt end.
    (100 million years later.....)
    Mankind = the next evolutionary project to go wrong –

    What's next? Stay tuned over the next 100 million years and see for yourself.

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