Conference brings together population experts in banner year for demographers
As of April 1, 2010 the population of the United States stood at 308,745,538, the U.S. Census Bureau revealed last year.
April 2nd, 2011
10:37 PM ET

Conference brings together population experts in banner year for demographers

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There are some conferences you look forward to for the opportunity to absorb the latest trends in your field, share your own findings and immerse yourself in spirited discussion with like-minded colleagues.

For thousands of demographers, sociologists, economists and public health professionals, the annual meeting of the Population Association of America this week in Washington was that kind of event.

The conference brought together academics and professionals in population research and education to share information on topics you'd expect to be of interest to that group: fertility, sexual behavior, race, ethnicity, mortality, race, ethnicity, gender, urbanization, inequality, development and applied demography, to name a few.

The conference comes during a banner year for such experts, whose expertise is in high demand from scholars, analysts and reporters, for help deciphering 2010 census data. Several sessions hit upon prominent themes to come out of the 2010 analysis so far, among them, "Immigrant Integration and Assimilation," "The Context of Cohabiting Unions" and "Baby Boomers Turn 65."

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"The conference is going well - record attendance, interesting sessions and special events," Mary Jo Hoeksema, PAA's director of government and public affairs, said in an enthusiastic e-mail from the conference Saturday. "Congresswoman [Carolyn] Maloney addressed the conferees last night and pledged her support for federal statistical agencies and the importance of collecting accurate data! Our president, Dr. David Lam, gave his address analyzing myths and realities surrounding the post-war world population boom."

A scan of the event's website exhibited the thorough and exacting nature population experts are known for: a list of the conference's 198 sessions organized by topic, program summary or participants, complete with a short bio, contact information and links to the papers for nearly all of the 2,452 registered attendees.

Miss a session? Don't worry, there's an app for your smartphone which lets you view the complete program online.

But the main draw, it seemed, for most was the opportunity to learn from each other.

"I think the conference is an exciting opportunity to meet the scholars whose work I read and admire. I'm also both thrilled and flattered by the opportunity to present my own research," said Ryan Finnegan, a Ph.D. sociology student at Duke University and author of "Racial and Ethnic Inequality in Home Value and Homeownership Dynamics."

"Aside from meeting big name scholars, I enjoy the energy and passion surrounding others' work and new developments in the field," Finnegan said in an e-mail from the conference.

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  9. Steven Earl Salmony


    —–Original Message—–

    Sir John Sulston, Chair
    People and the Planet Working Group
    UK Royal Society
    March 31, 2011

    Dear Sir John Sulston:

    Your recent comments regarding the review of research on the human population and its impact on the planet we inhabit by a high level panel of experts give rise to hope for the future of children everywhere. Thanks for all you, the Planet and the People Working Group and the UK Royal Society are doing to protect biodiversity from massive extirpation, the environment from irreversible degradation and the Earth from wanton dissipation of its finite resources by the human species. I am especially appreciative for two quotes from you,

    …… “we’ve got to make sure that population is recognized…. as a multiplier of many others. We’ve got to make sure that population really does peak out when we hope it will.”

    …….”what we want to do is to see the issue of population in the open, dispassionately discussed…. and then we’ll see where it goes.”

    Inasmuch as you and an esteemed group of professionals with appropriate expertise are examining scientific evidence regarding the unbridled increase of absolute global human population numbers, please note there is research that has been summarily dismissed by many too many of our colleagues regarding human population dynamics and human overpopulation which I would like to bring to your attention. For the past ten years I have been unsuccessfully attempting to draw attention to certain evidence that to date remains both unchallenged and ignored by virtually every top-rank professional. They appear unable to refute the evidence and simultaneously unwilling to believe it. Their unexpected conspiracy of silence has served to conceal certain research by David Pimentel and Russell Hopfenberg. How else can it be that so many established professionals with adequate expertise act as if they are willfully blind, hysterically deaf and electively mute in the face of scientific evidence of human population dynamics and human overpopulation? The conscious denial of what could somehow be real about the growth of the human population in our time is not doing anything that can be construed as somehow right and good for future human wellbeing and environmental health, I suppose. It appears as if we could be witnesses to the most colossal failure of intellectual honesty, moral courage and nerve in human history.

    Peer-reviewed professional publications, letters to the editor, slideshow presentations et cetera can be found at the following link,

    Thank you for attending to this request for careful, skillful and rigorous scrutiny of research from two outstanding scientists. Please know I am holding onto a ray of hope that the research of Hopfenberg and Pimentel is fundamentally flawed; that human population dynamics is different from, not essentially similar to, the population dynamics of other species; and that human population numbers are not primarily a function of an available supply of food necessary for human existence. That would be the best news.

    Sometime soon, I trust, many scientists will speak up with regard to apparently unforeseen and unfortunately unwelcome science of human population dynamics and human overpopulation the way people in huge numbers in the Mid-East are calling out for democracy now.

    Respectfully yours,

    Steve Salmony

    Steven Earl Salmony
    AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population,
    Established 2001

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  11. Steven Earl Salmony

    Perhaps democracy has been coopted by those dedicated to self-serving thought, ideological idiocy and pervasive cultural biases. As a consequence, democracy itself has been corrupted by what is illusory. Science is concealed by the willful perpetration of a deafening silence from the 'brightest and best'. The general welfare of human beings with feet of clay is sacrificed to the desires and fantasies of the most arrogant, foolhardy and greedy self-proclaimed masters of the universe among us. Where are those ready to assume their responsibilites to science and their duties to humanity?

    Somehow a belief in the wondrous gift to humankind of the principles and practices of democracy has got to be claimed fast.

    Please make an effort to discern the scientific evidence that has been presented with such simplicity in the theoretical perspective by Pimentel and Hopfenberg and such elegance in the models from Russell Hopfenberg. Consider inviting high level professionals with appropriate expertise, who you know and regard as top-rank scientists, to comment on this research. Thank you to all.

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