NATO investigates report of coalition airstrike on Libyan rebels
Libyan rebels celebrate Saturday near the town of al-Brega.
April 2nd, 2011
09:42 AM ET

NATO investigates report of coalition airstrike on Libyan rebels

[9:42 a.m. ET]  Coalition airstrikes have hit several rebel vehicles, a spokesman for the Libyan opposition said Saturday. Jamal al-Gallal said the opposition was looking into reports that some rebel fighters were killed.

[9:13 a.m. ET] NATO is investigating a report that a coalition airstrike in the eastern oil town of al-Brega hit Libyan opposition rebels, a NATO spokeswoman said Saturday.

"NATO takes any reports of civilian casualties very seriously, but exact details are hard to verify as we have no reliable sources on the ground," NATO's Oana Lungescu said. "Clearly, if someone fires at one of our aircraft, of course they have the right to defend themselves."

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