Block party: Brazil builds world's tallest Lego tower
Former Brazilian footballer Cafu celebrates the construction of the world's tallest tower of lego bricks Saturday in Sao Paulo.
April 9th, 2011
08:38 PM ET

Block party: Brazil builds world's tallest Lego tower

Move over Chile, Brazil has just finished building the world's largest Lego tower.

Standing at 31.19 meters the tower in the city of Sao Paulo breaks the previous record set in Santiago, Chile, in 2008 by 25 centimeters.

Brazilian former footballer Cafu was responsible for attaching the last piece of the tower, which was built in the parking lot of a shopping mall.

Lego sent  designers from Denmark to Brazil for the event, the company said on its website.

The tower took four days to build.

The first Lego tower was built in London in 1988 and stood just a little over 15 meters, according to Lego. Since then 53 cities have hosted the tower in more than 30 countries.

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  1. ichi

    Epic. All we do here in America is bicker about politics and follow our D/R politicians like blind sheep. Maybe I should move!

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  2. YesWeDoCare

    Hello Everyone!,

    Unfortunately, there really isn't a effective way to having things keep on topic for the folks who want to engage, on topic, regarding these blog posts. The idea of using "OT" at the start of your post is a good idea. Also, Philip above @ 7:50am made a very good suggestion regarding setting up a separate "chatroom" for folks who want to go "OT". This is definitely being looked at as a possible alternative for folks to use.

    Another thing to note, it has been our observation that multiple postings (under multiple screen names) are from one person, maybe two but we aren't sure yet. Again, unfortunately the way the system is setup, there is not currently a good way to stop this. Screen names, email addresses can be easily changed and screen names can also be easily highjacked.

    The only suggestion, until we get a better system in place, is to use the "report abuse" button. We realize that may sound extreme but it is currently our only way to effectively assess the situation to create a better environment for all. However, as noted above regarding the ease of changing screen names etc., we realize that this won't help the situation much, as it currently is.

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    Oh and btw, *facepalm* is a funny response but no one likes getting slapped in the face even in the cyber world. 😉

    Carry on, there will peace when you are done.....

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  3. Philip

    @WeDoCare...*facepalm* was coined by banasy. It's not a slap in the face, it's like when you place your head in the palms of your hands after reading someones less than understandable post. And don't sh/t yourself. We delve deeply, very deeply, into important world news and post our 'on-topic' responses regularly. We are also people who enjoy discussing these oftentimes touchy subjects in a relaxed atmosphere...comfortable enough to open-up and get to know one another a bit. Who are you and where ya from?

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    • YesWeDoCare

      Hello Philip,

      Ah, my ignorance on the "facepalm" thing. That makes sense and I should have googled it before I replied. However, I did put a smile after my comment about it. 😉

      Yes, please don't take offense I realize that there is definitely 'on topic' comments made. However, a classic example is some posting that happened on, I think, April 6th. Not worth dredging up these things but best to move forward. Also, I was very thankful that you made a great suggestion for having a separate chatroom available for folks to use if they desire. That was a spot-on idea.

      Getting to know each other, a bit, is a good thing. But, sometimes too much of those discussions slow down the posting system and folks can't get their comments through. And also, some folks aren't interested in getting to personally know each other. They would rather share their opinion, read other's opinion, perhaps learn something new and then move on. It's a hard balance to strike and it is truly about respect for each other. And trust me, I am not saying that "OT" comments are necessarily disrespectful. They do, however appear to take over a thread and people complain when that happens.

      Oh, and I'm a guy who cares about these forums. I'm down here in Georgia.


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    • YesWeDoCare


      Oh, btw I meant "They do, however 'sometimes' appear to take over a thread and people complain when that happens. The key word I left out was 'sometimes'.

      Also, from what I've seen, I personally didn't think you were in the excessive "OT" thing. And again, I personally have nothing against the "OT" thing, in general. It's just better to strike a balance. And my overall influence on such matters is not very great but I can make suggestions that may be listened to. And, like I said, the chatroom idea is a great one. It would give folks another option for conversing and would just make the system more flexible to use.

      Things are extremely loose here. Other forums, I know of, require email validation and passwords. You can still use screen names and know one will know your email address etc. It tends to help, most specifically, in issues where one individual causes havoc by constantly changing/highjacking screen names and being verbally abusive. But, it is the way it is here. It's wide open. So, in my opinion, that's even more reason for everyone to be mindful of not abusing the system and to be respectful for each other. However and again in my opinion, that is a little too idealistic for the way things are setup here. Opinions on how to improve things are always welcome.


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  4. Philip

    K Jazzy

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  5. Philip

    @Rupert...Murdoch didn't design the NSA key found in every Microsoft operating system since Windows 98, Bill Gates and his peeps did. Apple refused to construct this back-door in their operating systems and for obvious reasons. Bottom line: if it's online, they know about it no matter Norton (firewalls that only give you a sense of security) google 'microsoft nsa back door' and checkity check check it out.

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  6. Philip! That was one of the best most thought-out posts I've read in a while. Very well put. Go Bulldogs? he he...yeah, most folks just post and go. Time stands still. It's people who fly by. And my how people are flying these days.

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  7. Philip're wordier than me! he he...hope you stick around and post often Y dubyah. (short for YWDC...and is your s/n cryptic? cipher?...some new organization? just wondering

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    • YesWeDoCare


      Appreciate that! And yes, definitely it's a crazy, fast moving world. Can hardly keep up with it – smartphones, internet, tablets, laptops... I feel I never can really get away these days. 😉

      Nope, nothing cryptic, cipher, or sinister with the s/n. My comments are more me than we. You know the deal with big companies and all. Sincerely, just a guy trying to do some good in a crazy mixed up world. Although, I may be heard once in awhile.

      Also, agree with the Microsoft/Windows comment. I've switched recently to the Apple world and love it personally. Pricey stuff but can't beat the OS. I'm much more willing to put up with Jobs' ego and penchant for wearing black mock turtlenecks than with Gates B/S.

      Yup, tis true though that anything you "put out there" online these days is pretty much wide open for peering eyes to see. I personally don't like it but that's the way it is I guess. And, from what I read, it's only going to get worse. Always, always best to err on the side of caution.

      Geez, after all my comments earlier, I'm starting to feel like I'm OT'ing too much. Anyhow, we all need to harmonize. That's the only way we are going to make it through this crazy old world.

      Gotta sign off now, take the kids out for some fun. Will be back on, now and then. And don't worry, won't change the screen name. But, knowing this setup here, won't be surprised that it's highjacked. So, when I sign off I will say that and anything that follows is not me (just in case). And when I come back on, I'm hopeful you will be able to know it's me.


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  8. Joel Raes

    Thats pretty cool, Florida has some big ones as well.. not like this one.


    Joel Raes

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  9. David the Great


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  10. Rachel

    Let the kids play you suckas!

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  11. raven

    Well its ironic but just a couple days ago i was flittin around and found a social one here. its in Eatocracy under the name coffee klatsch. Was tryin ta tell Jazzzzzzz about it cuz she posted her number here and i was worried for her . She been sayin she wasnt comin back every nite forever tho so maybe shes not. Anyway, check out that blog, they say anyone,any topic,

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  12. banasy


    @Everyone: I know that on some computers, etc, when you underline your name, it will show up in blue, as if your are posting a link. If you click on Mmmmm's username, you will get an error message, as there's no link associated with Mmmmm's name. But underlining makes the computer *think* there is a link, and so it shows up in blue. I don't know, though, because my phone won't underline. But, for instance, the CNN Comment Policy is underlined on my phone, and if I click it, I get the policy. But it is just a theory!

    @raven: yes, I am magical, aren't I, my sista? 😉

    @Mmmmm: no, not establishment, but you make me laugh!

    It's just a code someone on these boards showed us all, because *I* asked that person how he/she did it. The reply was there for all to see, but I guess I have a great memory.

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    • Mmmmm

      Okay that's about as credible as
      Mr. Wedocare and his better-half
      Ms. Yeswedocare...

      April 11, 2011 at 12:41 am | Report abuse |
  13. banasy


    I find it somewhat amusing that you would pretend to be someone from CNN, and then go on to address the topic of people using multiple u/n's. In other words, posers. Oh, the agony and the irony.

    And, in the future, if you wish to address anything I have said, please feel free to address me directly, exactly as I'm addressing you. Since you apparently new to the boards, I'll forgive you. 😉

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  14. banasy

    @bigmart: Thanks. Are they made in China?

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  15. banasy

    @Jazzzzzzz: hi, hon. Glad you're back.

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