Gadhafi accepts 'road map' to end Libyan conflict, Zuma says
April 10th, 2011
05:34 PM ET

Gadhafi accepts 'road map' to end Libyan conflict, Zuma says

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has accepted the terms of a "road map" aimed at ending the conflict in his nation as part of negotiations with the African Union, South African President Jacob Zuma told reporters Sunday.

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  1. Mahipal

    War is biblical al be it old ttmnaseet I m not sure about Libya as I don't believe the motivation for the war has anything to do with the people of Libya. In my opinion I don't think UK and US would be as interested in freeing the Libyan people if Libya was not a oil producing country.No this is not a just war because the motivation is wrong. China has a huge problem with human rights but the West find it to big a gamble to interfere with it, not because they worry about the peoples well fare but because it would be economic suicide. The western governments don't care about the people living oppressed lives they use it as a justification WHEN it suits them. But in the case of China it would not benefit the West in financial term so the people can stay living oppressed and frightened of doing or saying the wrong thing.

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