April 17th, 2011
11:29 AM ET

After sleeping incidents, FAA changes shift rules

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced Sunday that the Federal Aviation Administration and the Air Traffic Controllers Union have reached an agreement to make changes in the aftermath of recent incidents involving sleeping air traffic controllers. The changes will be effective immediately.

Controllers will now have a minimum of nine hours off between shifts. Currently they were getting as few as eight. Controllers will no longer be able to swap shifts unless they have a minimum of nine hours off between the last shift they worked and the one they want to begin. They will no longer be able to switch to an unscheduled midnight shift following a day off.

FAA managers will schedule their own shifts in a way to ensure greater coverage in the early morning and late night hours.

On Saturday, the FAA suspended another traffic controller caught sleeping. The incident occurred at the Miami Air Route Traffic Control Center during the midnight shift early Saturday morning, the agency reported.

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  1. Jazzzzzzzz

    I hear ya, been a long time for me too. I tend to get along with men better as friends and women not so much at all. That's it's sooo nice to be able to talk to you, your a rear bread my lady.

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  2. Jazzzzzzzz

    My hands start shaking sometimes when I'm talking to him, never happened before to me, I swear on a stack of bibles.

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  3. ole Lady

    I'm in sunny FLA and you'd be welcome to come hang by the pool or beach.

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  4. Jazzzzzzzz

    With staw hats and a blue color drink with huge unbrellas to cover us. How are your toes can you expose them or are they all worn down , LOL , mine are good LOL

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  5. Jazzzzzzzz


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  6. Jazzzzzzzz

    Yes that would be nice to scoope all the hotties out , LOL

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  7. ole Lady

    Like having butterflies in the belly. Yeah. Good for you!!! To have someone make you feel those flutters. Just enjoy the time you have when together. Take it day by day. And make good memories everytime you are together. Things should go good. Always let him know if something bothers you discuss good with bad. Communication is a great thing to have in a relationship.

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  8. ole Lady

    The "eye candy" is good here. LOL

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    • Jazzzzzzzz

      Good I'm , I can look just cant touch. darn , no just kidding.

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  9. Jazzzzzzzz

    Make good times is what I want.... communication is something he can do but is very closed to it when it's a one on one thing. I just going to be patient with him , I've had a lifetime of expeirence with that. That I can do well now. I would like him to be able to trust me and be his sounding board but again that take time for some one like him to trust me.

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  10. ole Lady

    Trust is an important part of a relationship. And trust is earned over time. So make every second count. And don't forget the laughter.

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  11. ole Lady

    Wow Janice. Hope you feel better after saying all that.

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  12. Jazzzzzzzz

    Yes , Laughter and trust , I hope he sees that. Well Ole Lady , I really dont want to end our conversation but I have to be up at 6am and I couldn't get to sleep but you really helped me out. Any time I can return the favor pls don't hesitate to ask. Nite My friend:)

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  13. Jazzzzzzzz

    Who's Janice ?

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  14. ole Lady

    She popped in at 3:28 with a rant. Nite Jazzzz.

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  15. Jazzzzzzzz


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