Sen. Ensign says he's resigning next month
April 21st, 2011
07:00 PM ET

Sen. Ensign says he's resigning next month

U.S. Sen. John Ensign, a Nevada Republican who is under an ethics investigation by the Senate, announced Thursday that he will resign his seat on May 3.

Ensign (pictured) had previously said he would not run for re-election in 2012 following revelations that he had an affair with a female aide who was the wife of another top aide, and that his parents subsequently gave money to the aides' family.

"While I stand behind my firm belief that I have not violated any law, rule, or standard of conduct of the Senate, and I have fought to prove this publicly, I will not continue to subject my family, my constituents, or the Senate to any further rounds of investigation, depositions, drawn out proceedings, or especially public hearings," Ensign said in a statement. "For my family and me, this continued personal cost is simply too great."

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  1. banasy

    @ole lady: kinda like the sound when you put your finger in your mouth and pop your cheek? Or the sound a champagne bottle makes when the cork pops?

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  2. Jazzzzzzzz

    @ Banasy , thanks I am soo tired and have to key all alone again tomorrow so I wont be blogging till the same time as tonight. Night ole lady thanks again for getting my seat wet , you little so and so , love you thought still. You will have to save one of your gentleman callers for me when I come down to visit ya.
    Nite Raven , have fun ...... Woooooo Hooooooo

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  3. raven

    Oh ma gaw you guys,my sides literally hurt from laughin. im so glad i found all of you. truly .

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  4. ole Lady

    Nah. More like a sluuuuuuu pop.

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    • Jazzzzzzzz


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  5. ole Lady

    Did you read comment about the toilet paper roll test? That was funny.

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  6. banasy

    Nite, Jazzzzz. Sleep well.

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  7. raven

    Aw Jazzzzz ,really ?ya gotta go now ? seems like ya just got here. well, sweet dreams anyway and i hope to see ya tomorrow .

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  8. banasy

    She does add spark to the old boards, doesn't she. If I ever visit upstate NY, I'm looking her up!

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  9. ole Lady

    Glad to put laughter in your day. Nite Jazzzzzz.

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  10. banasy

    I'll have to read the comments...I just hope some of the guys took the advice on the "man in the boat". Some men, you have to draw a map for. A treasure map...x marks the spot.

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  11. Jazzzzzzzz

    I'm a HUGGIN on ALL of you right now. Nite

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  12. ole Lady

    Something bout if you can't stick it in you have good girth and if it sticks out the end of tube you have good length.

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  13. banasy

    ((((Hugs)))) for Jazzy.

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  14. banasy

    Girth. It's what's for dinner.

    Oops, I meant beef. Oh well, same difference.

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  15. raven

    Or the guy who thinks the man in the boat is paddlin old Ironsides? Owie!

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