Gotta Watch: Rare leg surgery; death-defying stunt; save date for 'Bridesmaids'
May 12th, 2011
08:40 AM ET

Gotta Watch: Rare leg surgery; death-defying stunt; save date for 'Bridesmaids'

Many of you have seen our Gotta Watch blog in the mornings. Well, there is so much great video out there that we've decided to continue the tradition in the evenings.  Here are two of the top videos from Wednesday (totaling more than 100,000 clicks each so far), as well as a original.

A backwards leg is better than none -  A rare surgery is the only way  a 13-year-old Ohio boy with cancer could play baseball, again.  His leg surgery required doctors to rotate his leg 180 degrees.  Here's a warning, this video is probably not for the faint of heart.

'Jetman' survives death-defying feat - What the heck was this guy thinking?!?! For some reason a Swiss daredevil thought it would be a good idea to wear a jet pack and fly across the Grand Canyon.  It's something you'll have to see to believe. Original: Save the date for 'Bridesmaids' - The film "Bridesmaids" comes out this Friday and if the movie is anything like this interview with Kristen Wiig and Wendi McLendon-Covey, it will be hilarious. You won't believe what Wendi had to do as the maid of honor in her friend's wedding.

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  1. Zsa Zsa's Leg

    Now thats a nice story... .

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  2. Marti


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  3. HOW?????????????????????????????

    How do you botch that up?

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  4. Michael

    I’m sick of banasy getting on here and telling us how she is blessed with a wonderful family and spouting out personal nonsense. And this pollution with her gang of buddies is sickening. They need to go to a chatroom or start their own personal blogs.
    Banasy, you and your sista should go to the library and put books on the shelves. Do something useful for once. Txt or call your buddies. Just get off of these blogs.

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  5. Michael

    Confession, I am "Outsider'. The fact is, I feel very inadequate and make up fake things. I have a tiny two inch w/e/i/n/e/r and am ashamed of it. That is why I makeup fake things about myself. banasy was right when she said I have "delusions of grandeur". I am sorry.

    I also apologize to the real Cesar. I know he is a good guy and has been plagued by trolls. I just want peace and hope he can forgive me. I don't like the trolls and what they say. But, I can deal with most of it, as long as it's not s|e|x| comments. They just make me feel more inadequate.

    Please forgive me Cesar and everyone else. I hope we can move on to better times.


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  6. Michael

    Im'm sick of myself.

    I'm sorry, banasy, I really am.

    It's just that I wish I had friends and could get out of the basement my mom keeps me locked in.

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  7. misty


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  8. banasy

    I saw this boy of the news.

    He had a tumor in his upper thigh bone, so surgeons cut his leg off, cut the diseases portion out, and re-attached the leg backward, with his foot acting as his new knee.
    Now he can wear an artificial leg and foot.

    He the pitcher for his baseball team, and wants to be the first MLB player with an artificial leg.

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  9. Ellis from Panama

    I like guys. I'm gay.

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  10. Panamaniac

    I know you are, Ellis. I'm not, so leave me alone, already!

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