Overheard on CNN.com: Let them eat cake
May 13th, 2011
06:48 PM ET

Overheard on CNN.com: Let them eat cake

Comment of the Day:
“I don't eat dessert very often. But my cat can eat a whole watermelon.”–Timetraveler

Five reasons to eat dessert every day: Sally Camacho

Go ahead, eat dessert. Pastry chef Sally Camacho says it’s good for you and society: It makes you happy, it’s legal and it employs pastry chefs.

Ceecee said, “As a habit, I review the dessert menu before ordering my entree. I see the meal as the prelude to the main event, which is dessert. I'm always disappointed when restaurants don't have a good selection or the dessert ends up being some dried-out brownie or piece of cake that tastes like the freezer." Betty said, “Sometimes I skip the meal and only order desert for lunch or dinner! Key lime pie is my favorite!” Bee Dub said, "We eat dessert every day, at lunch and at dinner (in moderation). Then we brush our teeth."

rs1201 said, “You people are nuts. Have you ever heard of cholesterol, breast cancer, diabetes, obesity? My dessert is a light yogurt and I'm 5 ft 8" and weigh 118 lbs. I look at dessert and think: poison. That's exactly what you should all be doing. I hope you all realize that you will pay dearly for your indulgence as you get older. I plan to be a healthy old bag.”

Dan replied, “You definitely have the old bag part down already.“ MashaSobaka said, "Congratulations, you're underweight. I eat dessert when I want it and have a healthy weight. Here's the kicker: We're both going to die in the end." CMOO agreed, “At 5'8 and 118 you clearly have an eating disorder. “

JenA said, “Everything in moderation. You sound extreme in your stance on food. And the artificial sweeteners in your 'light yogurt' may also be unhealthy! I am a baker and in good shape. I don't have dessert every night, but I would feel deprived without things like homemade lemon meringue pie, chiffon cakes and chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven! Enjoy life; it doesn't last long!"

Some readers were concerned about ingredients. asper said, “I love desserts, but I wish more restaurants have sugar free/artificial sweetener options." pr161 replied, “Did you know that artificial sweeteners are what they actually feed pigs to make them eat more? Trust me, stay with the real thing.”

And let’s not forget desserts that are not sweet, but, well, aromatic.

Kip said, "I don't have a sweet tooth, but a good stinky cheese is fantastic!" Charlotte said, “Ditto!! Cheese! Olives! Yum!" MCPsaid, "I would gladly give up any sweets for a hunk of cheese!"

Rep. Ron Paul announces candidacy for president

Long-time Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, declared his candidacy for the presidency Friday. Fiscally, he believes in free market principles; he is generally noninterventionist with regard to foreign policy. He has called for the abolishment of the Federal Reserve and withdrawal from the United Nations and NATO.

erin said, “Third time is a charm! I believe in this guy!” Mary E. Edwards said, “Why won't this guy go away? How many times does he have to be defeated?” Dave in SC said, “If you just heard a sudden rustling in the leaves – it was caused by the collective yawn of Americans.”

P.M.G said, “Wonderful news, Ron Paul! Good luck, sir, and hope that all the people of America vote for you. You are a wonderful American with great conviction and true moral values.”

Stephen said, “This is the best news for the future of our country. He has the best plans for our country fiscally, militarily, and domestically. 
His ideas do not make good 10 second sound bites but when you really learn the issues and his answers then you find the true gold he has to offer.”

Paul apparently offers something unique in American politics, according to many CNN.com readers.

daveinla said, “My main man! The only guy who tells the truth even if it hurts.” Biggestnate said, “The only man who'll answer a question honestly without thinking of what his corporate supporters want him to say.” Redleg said, “The one Republican candidate not to avoid military service. Unlike Newt and Cain he had no plan on how to get out of Vietnam.”

But others, like Rudy NYC said “fits the role of adviser better than leader." Rudy NYC continued, "There is just something about the 'country doctor who makes house calls' aura about the man that people find appealing (present company included). Most of his ideas are seductive when you first hear about them, but then he makes the mistake of elaborating and it scares the daylights out of me. His ideas would have worked well before the Industrial Age. But not today. The man wants a government that is too small to defend its borders and protect its people."

How Oprah has changed the way we live

The “Oprah Winfrey Show” will air for the last time May 25. CNN.com’s Megan Clifford lists five ways Winfrey has shaped American culture during her 25-year run, among them: encouraging reading, charitable giving and public discussion of race and taboo subjects.

Many wrote to share their enthusiasm for her. sudatajo said, “I love her. She is blessed and is a blessing to America.” Scooterish said, “She has uplifted so very many people. She is a fine example of what is possible.”

IOwnYou said, “She's a great orator. And her ability to engage people is a talent.” glas45 "She has also been a pioneer and leader in the fight against AIDS discrimination and Gay Rights." btaylor328 said, “She is one of the most generous people out there today. Yes, she is in the public eye, but that has allowed her to bring attention to hidden topics. She donates generously to charities and causes.” Tallestone said, “She found the remedy for her poverty and she made billions of fans. She did a lot for not only women, but for the image of black women in a male dominated world."

But many readers said her influence was overrated. timpura said, “Look, she has had a great run and I'll be the first to congratulate her. But she has not changed the way we live. And I bet if you asked her, she'd tell you the same thing.”

reddyh said, “I think Oprah and her show have had a very positive effect on the world. I always found her to be 'real,' down-to-earth, funny, positive, caring and genuinely interested in learning about her guests and the world. She's suffered through some real difficulties in her life but has triumphed and become extremely successful. Oprah has definitely opened up dialog and raised awareness on issues that were not generally talked about, and I never got the sense she was trying to 'sensationalize' the topics. She has inspired others to become the best they can be despite the odds against them."

fufu said, “Thank you Oprah, from the depth of my heart.”

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