May 23rd, 2011
09:00 AM ET

'Surreal moment' in Joplin store freezer: Storm drowns out shrieks, prayers

Isaac Duncan was nearby in Carl Junction, Missouri, when he heard reports that the tornado was literally around the block. So he and a friend ran into the closest place they could find – a convenience store.

"When we went in the electricity was already out there and were about 20 people huddled down," Duncan told CNN. "Everyone was just deciding what to do."

Video shot inside the fridge shows little – it is dark and hard to see – but the screams and shrieking pleas for "Jesus, Jesus," "heavenly father," and "help" can be heard.

"Get away from the window," one man shouts as you can hear a girl crying, saying, "I'm scared."

Then someone takes charge telling all of the people to "get down, low on the ground."

You can hear the wind whipping against the structure followed by the massive shattering of glass and loud noise of destruction. The group frantically rushes into the freezer screaming.

"Dad?" you can hear someone screaming. The sound of wind and destruction drowns out their voices.

"I love all you guys, it's going to be okay," one person says amid the chaos.

Finally, "Is everyone okay?"

Duncan said the glass in the front of the store looked as though it shattered and was sucked out into the streets. So he and the others huddled inside of a large refrigerator, a cooler, in the store for shelter.

"During the whole thing it was a surreal moment," Duncan said. "A lot of people there were freaking out."

The tornado ripped through the store – and even part of the refrigerator.

"Basically the only thing left standing was the cooler that we were in," Duncan said. "Everything around it was gone. (The tornado) actually tore a few holes in the refrigerator. That's what we crawled out of."

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  1. Observer1290

    Obama shut down the weather forecasting satellites that could have warned of this disaster.
    Obama is either a liar or insane.

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  2. Roydene Daddeas

    I do love the way you have framed this specific challenge plus it does indeed supply us some fodder for thought. On the other hand, from everything that I have experienced, I basically trust when the actual commentary pack on that people today continue to be on issue and in no way start upon a soap box involving some other news du jour. Still, thank you for this exceptional point and even though I can not really agree with this in totality, I respect the perspective.

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