Police find Mexican traffickers' 'narcotank'
Police in Guadalajara, Mexico, guard a "narcotank" seized from drug traffickers.
May 24th, 2011
11:33 AM ET

Police find Mexican traffickers' 'narcotank'

For the second time this month, officials in Mexico have seized a "narcotank" - a regular production vehicle that a drug cartel has turned in to a battle vehicle.

The latest "narcotank" was found Friday, after a clash between police and gangs of rival gunmen in the western Mexico town of Mezquitic, according to a report in the Latin American Herald Tribune.

Reports said the guts of the "narcotank" are a Ford F-series Super Duty truck. It had been customized with steel plating with ports for guns or other weapons, a rotating turret and a fold-up battering ram. No weapons were in the vehicle when it was found, according to the Herald Tribune report.

Earlier this month, the Mexican army captured another armored vehicle, according to a report on BusinessInsider.com. That tank, dubbed El Monstruo 2011, was capable of going 68 mph and could carry 12 people behind its armor, the report said. It was seized in Ciudad Meir, where the Los Zetas gang has been battling over drug business with the Gulf Cartel, their former bosses, BusinessInsider said.

The website InSightcrime.org reported in April that traffickers are increasingly turning to armored vehicles.

Besides armoring vehicles, traffickers have also made their own submarines. Check out what VBS.TV found at a Colombian naval base last year.

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  1. Chris

    No one wants to admit it but the root of the problem is the american need for drugs. if we could instill better ethics in our children or give them better opportunity, jobs etc, the drug cartels wouldnt have all this money to build this kind of stuff. Sadly, this is an area the government cannot change, write laws for or govern. We must decide we want this change.

    June 16, 2011 at 12:16 pm | Report abuse |
  2. Barry Harman

    Having recently filed suit against Verizon before the matter involving any News Reporting scandal, I can say phone companies are intentionally doing a number of highly unethical things from false credit reporting to releasing confidential personal and billing information the 3rd. parties without consumers knowledge and/or consent. I learned of this innocently, lawyers I did not know contacted me, offerring me free contingency representaiton for a lawsuit against Verizon. My personal records were release by Verizon unofficially and used in a State Court Civil Litigaiton by others in another case. It is amazing what goes on without people knowing.

    Respectfully submitted.

    July 18, 2011 at 11:46 am | Report abuse |
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