Overheard on CNN.com: Are we really friends?
May 25th, 2011
06:00 PM ET

Overheard on CNN.com: Are we really friends?

Comment of the day:

"I find it convenient that I'm friends with my ex-girlfriend's former boyfriend's brother's aunt's uncle's husband whom I have never met." –Ents

Limiting online friends

Ex-Facebook employee Dave Morin has developed a new mobile personal network called Path that limits users' friends to 50. He says digi-friend overload led him to create an app-based social network with the goal of promoting intimate and memorable sharing.

For CNN.com readers, his limited social network raised interesting questions about our digital “friends.”

DTakes said, “No one says you need to have 130 friends or more. I limit my friends to people I actually know I'm going to keep in touch with. I politely decline the rest of them.” HJCihak said, “This whole Facebook ‘friends’ concept is ridiculous. A real friend is someone who'll help you move. Anyone else is just a person taking up valuable space in your life.” MDMick said, “What constitutes a friend? I've run into old friends from high school or college and we pick right back up as if no time had passed. So are they still friends? In many cases, if I or they were in trouble I know the other would help.” indy1337 said, “I don't have friends. Only people I stalk.”

zoaster said, “Gotta love the ‘Friend Collectors’ on Facebook; let’s see how many people I can collect in my little page of self-esteem.” laserfloyd said, “I only interact with about 5-10 of the 150-ish friends I have on Facebook. Most are high school classmates. A few are friends of friends. A couple are honestly people who I can't recall ever knowing but I was feeling nice.” NZ47 said, “I have 55 FB friends, all I know personally. All my profiles/pics are private; even friends of friends cannot see them. If you really want, you can do it all with one social media. Why bother creating a new one and spending more time trying to manage it. People already spend enough time on these social media things, we don't need another!” NorthGal34 said, “At first I had 430 or so people on FB. Then, after a few months, I edited down to the 40 people I talk to on a regular or semi-regular basis. Easy-peasy!”

Crawler said, “Isn't this why we have Facebook, to manage more than 50 friends?" SerenianSing replied, “I seriously doubt you have 50 real friends. Those you have are acquaintances.” Iskrenie said, “My friends are in my cell phone contacts..."

HyruleKing said, “FB just creates the illusion that friends are easy to make, but it's not. Then you have those people who love FB'ing all day long, addicted to it and wouldn't want anything to happen to their little world. The point is: FB can be a powerful tool if used correctly, otherwise it’s just a website with people photos to look at.”

And readers commented on the concept of Path itself:

Guest said, “I love the idea. Even though you can set privileges through friends list and you decide whom to share with, I feel a little panic when I share something really personal.” eMoney003 said, “Give me a break. FB and other networks allow options for setting up groups. Utilize those options or only accept requests from your friends and family. Unless of course you prefer having restrictions and limitations in your life, then by all means join something like Path.” saria said, “The problem with this concept is you may have 50 friends, but in reality, you may only have 10 friends who are actually active in FB and using it. We all know if only 10 friends are posting on FB. That makes for a very boring FB experience.” njsokalski said, “I like the idea of restricting the number of friends, it does encourage the idea of not saying everything to everyone, but social networking is still not a good or worthwhile thing. If somebody is really your friend, you shouldn't need any extra website or app to help you stay in touch.”

Reactions to Casey Anthony trial

The first-degree murder trial for Casey Anthony - accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, in 2008 - began Tuesday with her defense team alleging that Caylee wasn't killed, but had drowned in her grandparents' pool, and that Casey was the victim of sexual abuse by her father. Wednesday, her then-boyfriend's roommates testified that during the time that Casey lived with them - for the month that Caylee was missing before police were notified - Casey told them her daughter was with her nanny.

People who commented on CNN.com said they see problems with the defense and strongly doubt Casey’s innocence.

antezinzin said, “Why the tape if the little girl were already dead? As far as her father sexually abusing her I don't believe one word of that. If it is true, how does that excuse her behavior and the lies about the babysitters?” Alyssa0411 said, “Explain the duct tape over the mouth, Baez. A child that ACCIDENTALLY drowns doesn't get tape put over their mouth before being dumped in the forest.” celh said, “Why did she sit on the phone at the jail and tell them they had been wonderful parents and grandparents? This reminds me of the kind of excuses very small children make up. When one isn't working they try another. It's just mind-boggling that her attorney came up with one that sounds as absurd right out of the gate!” dizzylucy said, “I agree, there are way too many holes in her story for it to be true. Even if she was abused, that's tragic, but no excuse for killing her own child or even, as they're suggesting and I don't believe for a second, covering up an ‘accident.’ She seems like a sociopath who wanted her partying life back. So sad.”

lanhub said, “It's pretty clear from the story about various testimonies that this woman is known for telling lies (she told roommates that her daughter was with a nanny...now she's saying that she had drowned in the pool) so I wouldn't hold it beneath her to lie about her abuse in order to draw attention away from herself and lessen her sentence. The defense is also accusing the meter reader who found Caylee's body that he was the one who had moved the body (from yesterday's CNN story about the case). The defense is desperate.”

Another step into deep space for NASA

While the final space shuttle launch is slated to happen on July 8, don't count NASA out on the innovation of space travel. Administrators announced Tuesday that they have plans for a return to yesteryear by developing a space capsule that will carry humans into deep space. The new craft won't be ready until 2016 at the earliest, but it could go to the moon or Mars.

The announcement excited some CNN.com readers:

beverlytat said, "How cool is this? I love NASA and their amazing science programs that lead to greater innovations and world leadership in technology. How exciting. Go NASA! I grew up watching the Apollo missions and this is another great era for NASA." raiders12 said, "As an engineer I appreciate the sciences. Keep it up NASA, despite the federal govt rooting against you, I am all for scientific advancement." Kurj said, "That's the best news I've heard in a long time. Allowing the U.S. to lose its lead in space would be a crime and a tragedy." Diana34 said, "Instead of sending all this money to people in other countries who hate us and want to kill us, how about taking all that and give it to NASA and maybe in a few years not decades we can go to Mars and start learning more about this fantastic place we all live in called the universe."

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    I like my men just like my coffee. Hot and black.

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    I eat poop

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    I, too, like my men just like my coffee. Cold and bitter.

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    @Elmeaux: Your mother

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    @cesar: angiedaddy

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    Come on Ellis, stop playing around.

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  7. Rueben

    I like my sandwiches like I like my women,sliced in half and in a baggy

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  8. Mr. Smart hired a bum to work on his house

    Sort of like Uncle Sam outsources jobs. wtg dad, unk sam

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  9. banasy

    @Mr. Smart:

    Wtg yourself, hiring a "bum" to work on your house.

    You are greatly amusing.

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  10. kim

    That casey is a real socialpath and I dont believe she was molested by her father or the pool drowning she just lying to save her ass. Its really just sick some people just are not nice and they have wicked ways and black hearts. They only care if they can get away with something and that is all that crazy girl is trying to do she if she can lie about someone having kidnap the child then lead the police on a wild goose chase she does not care what story she spins out. It sad to see picture of that pretty child and to know she died a terrible death at the hands of her mother and then discarded like trash just sad. What does her mother do go out partying and puts on a show any chance a camera is running. Just a damn shame she seems to have no remorse what so ever. None

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  11. kim

    Facebook I tend to stay logged on because I forget my password and it easy to just go to the page that way. Most of the people that i do have as friends I associate with there co workers and people I know. We just shoot the breeze exchange views about current events its fun to have lighthearted conversations. Its just not that critical like this article describe I like facebook its fun. Im not centering my life on a internet chat page.

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  12. Andreas Moser

    Don't rely too much on your facebook friends.
    I had many, used facebook for academic and professional purposes, and then one day – without any warning – my profile was deleted: http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2010/09/11/life-after-facebook/

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  13. me

    i have a facebook because people really care who i am and the fact that i am taking a dump right now.


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