Actor Jeff Conaway dead at 60
Actor Jeff Conaway had been fighting for his life in an Encino, California, hospital after being admitted for pneumonia May 11.
May 27th, 2011
03:41 PM ET

Actor Jeff Conaway dead at 60

Actor Jeff Conaway, who was in the TV series "Taxi" and the movie "Grease," died Friday morning from pneumonia, his manager said.

Conaway, 60, had been in an Encino, California, hospital since May 11, after apparently having been unconscious for eight or nine hours before he was found, Phil Brock said.

Initial reports earlier in the week that he suffered a drug overdose were inaccurate, according to a source familiar with Conaway's medical condition. However, his use of drugs caused him not to realize how ill he was, keeping him from getting treatment until it was almost too late,  the source said.

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  1. Joey

    @ Big "E":
    I, too, have freedom of speech.
    I'll say anything I like.

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  2. Joey

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  3. Joey

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    I despise the illiteracy displayed in this forum.

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  4. Big "E"

    What amazes me the most, is had this blog been about an abortion and some one commented, "she had every right to have an abortion",people like Joey would never have said "Hey,don't impose your personal values on us" But because mine mentioned Jesus,the "freedom loving" atheists are shouting the roof off,"hey don't impose you values on us" which in it's self is imposing THEIR values, or lack of, on me.Christian or not,I have the same rights as ALL other Americans.

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  6. Joey

    To my Troll,
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  7. jmc

    This is for joey what a heartless thing to say there is something very wrong with u have some respect my heart goes out to all who loved him RIP Jeff

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  8. jmc

    Cnn y do u let these on your page its vulgar

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  9. Joey

    @ jmc:
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  13. Joey

    Good, Hagen, I have to admit.

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  14. joAnn

    Jeff,had problems and turned to drugs.Yes! Jeff,was an excellent actor,and will be missed.He,was great in TAXI and GREASE. JoAnn

    May 30, 2011 at 11:00 pm | Report abuse |
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