May 28th, 2011
04:33 AM ET

Taliban claims responsibility for Pakistan blast

A blast Saturday at an anti-Taliban meeting in northwest Pakistan killed eight people and wounded 12, a senior government official said.

The blast occurred at an open air restaurant in the village of Pashta, where members of an anti-Taliban, pro-government militia were meeting, said Muhammad Jamil, a senior government official in Bajaur Agency.

Bajaur Agency, the equivalent of a county, borders Afghanistan's volatile Kunar Province.

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  1. Cesar in a Onesey

    Hello all.

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  2. Cesar

    Joey! 😉

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  3. jennifer

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  4. banasy

    Hi Cesar!

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  5. Joey/ Hagen

    Hi banasy, love ya sista,

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  6. banasy

    Hi all, haven't been posting, trolls are always bothering. Cesar and joey pls quit answering to trolls. If you stop they stop, I won't be here for a while, bye.

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  7. Cesar

    @banasy: hi. None of the above posts are mine. Nice to see you around.

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  8. troll

    @banasy. hi. most of the above posts are mine. Nice to see you around.

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  9. Tony Gerards (the other side of things)

    Do any of you people think that MAYBE JUST MAYBE that the super elite and the committe of (3 hundred) might have something to do with all the wars, conflicts, disiese, assasianassions, crises, and world events from 1874 and in to our modern world ......... or are all you DUNDER HEADS distracted by all the entertainment and technology that the shadow GOVERNMENT gives you to keep your eyes off of the real issuses.... you people are so dumb! you would'nt know the difference between the easter bunny and a terrorist........ when the dollar crashes none of you idiots will realize what just happened until 3 days latter after the fact and only when the stores and gas places close and martial law begins........ and troops are every where on the streets.....

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  10. troll

    @troll, too funny man.

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  11. tony gerards(the other side of things)

    Oh look the little green men are coming for me. Wait why are they carrying straight jackets? What? Those aren't little green men. Their their them.

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    • Jazzzzzzzz

      Thanks Tony , you said a mouth full for those NASTY trolls.

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  12. macabre body looting

    You trolls crack even me up.

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  13. macabre body looting

    @macabre body looting, thanks man.

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  14. troll

    We are all nasty, not just the troll.

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  15. troll

    uh huh, well said troll.

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