May 28th, 2011
04:33 AM ET

Taliban claims responsibility for Pakistan blast

A blast Saturday at an anti-Taliban meeting in northwest Pakistan killed eight people and wounded 12, a senior government official said.

The blast occurred at an open air restaurant in the village of Pashta, where members of an anti-Taliban, pro-government militia were meeting, said Muhammad Jamil, a senior government official in Bajaur Agency.

Bajaur Agency, the equivalent of a county, borders Afghanistan's volatile Kunar Province.

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    Thank you fellow troll. Thank you.

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  2. tony gerards(the other side of things)

    Whew, just in case you all were wondering I escaped from those PEOPLE, uh oh wait wait they found me again NOOOOOOOOOOO.

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  3. troll on troll action

    Two of the nicest trolls ever!

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  4. troll

    @troll, you're welcome comrade troll. And thank YOU.

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  5. troll on troll action

    Now THAT sounds funny.

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  6. Fellowship Of The Trolls

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  7. Trolling for dollars

    Well said Fellowship/troll. And good point.

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  8. troll

    Thank you so much for the info. fellowship of the trolls may have to try that out some day. Right now though I'm happy just staying under my bridge and trolling people.

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    • Fellowship Of The Trolls

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    Oops you missed me.

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    • Out of character

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  10. Father

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    • little boy's father

      Or to train them extremely young. Either way it's kinda sick.

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  11. troll

    @fellowship of the trolls, as long as I can wear my bling,sounds good to me.

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  12. Ellis

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  15. banasy

    I haven't posted since early under banasy since early yesterday morning.

    What an ass they make of themselves.

    Btw, hello real Cesar.

    Troll alert: code red.

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