Tuesday's intriguing people
Gen. Martin Dempsey has been nominated to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
May 31st, 2011
12:09 PM ET

Tuesday's intriguing people

Gen. Martin Dempsey

The Army’s Chief of Staff was nominated by President Obama on Monday to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Dempsey, who became the new Army chief of staff last month, has extensive combat experience. He helped train Iraqi security forces in Iraq and also served as acting commander of U.S. Central Command overseeing U.S. military operation in the Middle East, Persian Gulf, and Central Asia.

Known for his keen sense of humor, Dempsey sometimes begins his public speeches by singing songs, like “New York, New York.”

The general also calls soldiers in the U.S. and overseas directly every week to get their opinions on life in the Army.

Jim Tressel

The longtime coach of Ohio State University's football team was forced out Monday. The firing comes three days after a George Dohrmann, a Sports Illustrated reporter, alerted university officials that under Tressel, OSU players had been committing NCAA violations dating back to 2002 and at a greater number than originally thought.

At least 28 players participated in a memorabilia-for-tattoos scheme under Tressel, SI reported. That is 22 more than the university had originally acknowledged. Under the scheme, players traded team memorabilia for tattoos or cash at a Columbus tattoo parlor.

Jerome Valckle

The general secretary of FIFA is in the spotlight after admitting to writing an e-mail saying the 2022 bid committee from Qatar “bought” the rights to host the tournament, Reuters reported. He’s now denying that he implied the bid committee was guilty of corruption. Instead, he says he meant Qatar used its “financial strength” to lobby for support.

This is Valckle's second brush with controversy at FIFA. In 2006, his career appeared to be over after a New York court accused his team of lying repeatedly in negotiations with MasterCard and Visa over marketing rights. Remarkably, eight months later he was appointed general secretary of FIFA. He’s said to be a strong supporter and close ally of FIFA President Sepp Blatter.

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  1. Ellis-From Panama

    I'm gay

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    Better choice than this guy:


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    Lets set this up. Lets do this.

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    Ellis you said you had some new and heavy sh!t. We want to hear something very nasty, please.

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  5. Col. Bat Guano

    Most intrigueing person? Thats easy. Ronald McDonald.

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    sorry guano... haven't you heard the news lately, i think they are talking about retiring ronald..

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  8. fernace

    Why in the world does this list always include thieves & people with deplorable standards. Is it really intriguing or are we just "rubbernecking" like at a car wreck site ?! It took almost 10 yr's to get Tressle to step down. He must've been winning games & "distracting" the members of the board from his & his players shenanigans all that time! FIFA's BigWigs all seem corrupt! They need a serious shake up. Futbol (soccer to Americans) is too big of a sport to have crooks running the association! I hope the Joint Chief nominee is who he seems to be. He's the only intriguing person in the bunch. The rest are "trainwrecks"!

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  9. Ellis

    I love u Bob. I'm gay

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  10. Henry Kahrs

    I am waiting for the day when generals leave their uniform with all that fruit salad in the closet. Because all i see the number of people tha were killed to get all those ribbons.Just plain sick

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