Gotta Watch: Tiananmen Square protests
June 4th, 2011
02:21 PM ET

Gotta Watch: Tiananmen Square protests

It was a day in China's history that will never be forgotten.  June 4, 1989, Chinese troops opened fire on students and protesters in Tiananmen Square.  The protests began in April following the death of former Communist Party General Secretary Hu Yaobang. Only a handful of people originally showed up to the square in his memory, but as weeks passed hundreds of thousands of people joined the demonstration, which became a mass movement for political reform.  The protests remained peaceful until troops opened fire June 4th. The government reported 241 people were killed and 7,000 were wounded. In today's Gotta Watch we remember the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.

China's perfect storm - In 1989 the world watched mainly students and intellectuals protest in Tiananmen Square. CNN's Kristi Lu Stout details the most influential moments of the protests and the mystery that still surrounds the "tank man."

Dodging bullets for "tank man" - CNN photojournalist Jonathan Schaer opens up about how he feared for his life while capturing video of the "tank man" on June 5, 1989.

On the ground in Tiananmen Square - A CNN reporter stands inTiananmen Square as hundreds of thousands of people join the protest against Communist rule.

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  3. Anthony's Case Posts

    Casey is innocent.

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    I agree. I also think that a lot of what the defense is saying is true. I believe George helped her and knew what happened. He didnt try to contact her during that month, It was always Cindy or Lee calling her. If I thought I smelled a dead body when i got into my chillds car the first thing i would do is look for the source. He put gas in the car first. He also said he had not used the gas can since she returned it but as we heard today he brought it with him to get the car.. he also denies telling the tow manager that the car was at amscot for 3 days. He knows more than he is saying. I think Lee will be the key to getting to the truth. Just my humble opinion.

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  5. Anthony's Case Posts

    Free Casey. She is innocent.

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  8. Anthony's Case Posts

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  10. Anthony's Case Posts

    The girl drowned. Free Casey. Free Casey. Free Casey.

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    If Caseys father George is being accused of wrong doing well then why isn’t he in jail? Why is his daughter Casey the only one on trial? Another thing they are saying she does not show emotion, well that to is a lie, I have seen her cry, smile shake her head as if to say NO. I have listened to some of the conversations while her mother and father have visited her at the county jail, she said her parents were the best grand parents Caylee could ever have. The visits with her father at jail appeared to be with love.

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  12. Anthony's Case Posts

    We love you Casey. Freedom is near.

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  14. Anthony's Case Posts

    There was a flurry of phone calls to her mother that afternoon (six within a few minutes?) – I thought I had heard before that a number of calls were also placed to George within that time frame. If so, doesn’t that blow her defense that George was there and covered it up – if that was the case why in the world would she have called him if he was there with her. I believe she was making sure she knew where everyone was to make sure they weren’t on their way home to interrupt her plans. I can’t believe that ridiculous story about George being there – watch Casey shake her head no when he denies it – and if that is not true how can you believe her molestation charges (she also shakes her head no when he denies that). Watch her original “perp walks” when she was first arrested (especially the one in the blue shirt)- she is almost smiling from all the attention – check out her eyes. I think her motive was that she was jealous of everyone’s love and attention for Caylee.

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  15. Anthony's Case Posts

    Casey is innocent. Free Casey now.

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