June 9th, 2011
12:34 PM ET

Official: Arizona fire 8 miles from power lines

As a fire in Arizona continued to rage Thursday, power companies planned for the possibility that the blaze would reach crucial electrical transmission lines that supplied power to thousands.

"We do have a couple of transmissions line that the fire approaching. The fire is currently about 8 miles from that line," Joe Salkowski, spokesman for Tucson Electric Power told CNN Thursday.

"If it gets closer the fire could cause the lines to short-circuit and if that happens we would lose power," Salkowski said. "It would not lead to rolling blackouts. We would be able to substitute that power without a problem," he said.

Another power company in the area, Navopache Electric, said on its website that some of its service territory remained in a blackout due to the fire. Areas without power included Greer, Sunrise, Big Lake and South Fork.


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