U.S. resumes airstrikes in Yemen; top insurgent believed dead
Armed dissident tribesmen patrol a damaged area in Sanaa, Yemen, on Thursday.
June 9th, 2011
11:28 AM ET

U.S. resumes airstrikes in Yemen; top insurgent believed dead

The United States has resumed airstrikes in Yemen and believes it killed a top al Qaeda insurgent there, a U.S. military official said on Thursday.

Abu Ali al-Harithi, "described as one of the most dangerous al Qaeda commanders in Shabwa province," has been killed in Yemeni security operations, state-run TV reported on Thursday, citing an official military source. The New York Times reported on Thursday that American jets killed him in an airstrike last Friday.

A U.S. military official with knowledge of the Yemen campaign told CNN that U.S. military-led air operations recently resumed after a pause of some months.

He also said the United States believes it likely killed al-Harithi in an airstrike in southern Yemen in recent days. But he cautioned its "very difficult" to confirm the killing.

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    @Sum Yung: Ok I call you on payday. Mmmm sounds good.

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    I wish that the jerk who keeps on posting his stupid comments here under my name would just quit. His posts are neither funny nor sensible! As for Yemen, this creep Ali Abdullah Saleh needs to go but it looks like Obama won't let it happen and thus the murderous bombings will go on!!!

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