Shelling and shooting - Syrian military faces off against opposition
Syrian mourners attend a funeral service for an anti-regime protester Saturday on the Syrian side of the Syria-Turkey border.
June 12th, 2011
11:52 AM ET

Shelling and shooting - Syrian military faces off against opposition

About 200 military vehicles stormed the Syrian town of Jisr al-Shugur on Sunday as helicopters armed with machine guns hovered, local activists said. Heavy shelling also fell in the northwestern town, said the Local Coordination Committees of Syria.

Syrian state television reported Sunday that military units have entered Jisr al-Shugur to "cleanse the national hospital from the elements of the armed gangs after disabling the explosives and the various TNT devices that these gangs planted on the bridges and roads." The state-run network reported that authorities in the town had found a mass grave containing members of security forces who were killed by "armed gangs."

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  3. saywhat

    Get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan, erase our large military boot print from the lands where they do not want us ( we have almost 700 military bases around the world) , stop this lust for military conflicts and intervention , get down to resolving Israeli-Palestine conflict honestly and voila! You would have solved most of our problems.
    Save trillions of dollars, tens of thousands of lives and leave a better world for our kids & grand kids.

    But then what would those good for nothing folks up on the Hill posing as law makers and our masters would do ? They would have to turn their attention to solving problems like jobs, health care, education, crumbling infrastructure, states and cities going broke etc at home and they know zilch about that.

    Appears we would go on and on like this untill we we come to rest with the third world countries.

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