Overheard on CNN.com: Blame the women, too
June 14th, 2011
06:06 PM ET

Overheard on CNN.com: Blame the women, too

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"As the saying goes, 'It takes two to tango'...period." - nightsun2k7

Weiner’s women aren’t blameless

Columnist LZ Granderson took U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner's Twitter pals to task by asking: How much are they to blame for the congressman's illicit online behavior? According to Granderson, some of them are not innocent victims. Granderson says they knowingly sought out contact with the married Weiner (pictured), and that there are ways to blow the whistle while avoiding the limelight.

Most people who left comments on the story agreed with Granderson, though some pushed back.

101159 said, "Bravo Mr. Granderson. Good story and I agree. What is good for the goose. ..." Skeptical773 said, "As LZ shows, every story has two sides." 4Qall said, "Let this be a lesson to any famous person! These women will seek and destroy for a little money. But then again common sense should tell you that!"

sfsocla said, "Thanks, Granderson. I have felt the same way for years. I am female, married for 25 years and have always felt that when a woman approaches a man whom she knows is married she is as much to blame as the moron she is making advances on." But Necrometric responded, "The 'other woman' has not made any commitment to you. Your spouse did commit to you. The other woman may be unethical, but she's certainly not betraying you the way your cheating spouse is betraying you." And RKen countered, "Necro, the only issue at hand here is that both people deserve blame. No one is debating who deserves more or what's worse, point is they are both bad and one shouldn't be praised or ignored (as they are now)."

dojokun said, "To be honest, people aren't bothering to call out these women because they aren't famous. People don't care about them so no one has an incentive to really bother 'calling them out.'" mkjp responded, "That's probably true, but since their only obvious goal is to use this behavior to become famous, we really need to start calling them out."

BBG123 said, "I'm a woman and I'll say this: The women aren't to blame. Had he not been a cheater there would be no story for these women to jump on. Period! No matter if they saw an opportunity or not it wouldn't have been there had he not presented it like a penis on a platter!" Ulaa said, "The one that's 17 is blameless. The rest are old enough to know what married means." HJCihak responded, "If you think 17-year-old girls don't comprehend what 'married' means, you're truly naive."

ASThompson said, "The problem is that this debacle shows how Weiner (or any politician) can be influenced to make bad decisions. Sure, the women are not innocent bystanders, but they aren't voting on issues that affect me and my family." Mkjp responded, "Absolutely, but the point is these women are now getting paid to be all over television and all other forms of media talking about this like it was all unwelcome advances or some such nonsense. They need to be taken to task just as much as him!" AlyssaJMcCarresponded, "Mkip, do they? Their behavior doesn't affect me, or anyone else besides them, Weiner and his wife. My ire is reserved for the people who should be held to a higher standard."

weaselton said, "Difference is he was the one breaking a vow." joebob1962 said, "I find the biggest problem being that he lied about it when it came out. The lying for me is the reason he needs to leave Congress." Jrzydvl said, "He not only lied about the incident, but he knowingly and falsely accused someone else of manufacturing facts." Krumblebumsaid, "I'm more torked at the fact that my tax dollars subsidize an exclusive gym for congressmen and women."

GOP presidential debate in New Hampshire: Who's the winner?

Seven Republicans faced off Monday in a presidential debate in New Hampshire, which will hold 2012's first primary. Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum addressed issues including the debt ceiling and abortion rights. According to CNN pundits, it was Bachmann who seemed the likely winner, but people who left comments on the CNN.com story weren't so sure.

jastewar said, "I don't understand why most of the commentators are praising Michele Bachmann's performance so much. To me it seemed like she was simply speaking in meaningless platitudes, rarely actually answering the question she was asked." cachivachesaid, "Bachmann was most impressive. I always believed the 'crazy idiot' talk until I watched this debate. I didn't realize she was a lawyer, and her answer on 10th Amendment and leaving marriage to states showed her consistency." Reenie1 said, "After watching last night's debate, there was only one thing that really bothered me ... Bachmann's statement about getting rid of the EPA. She said something like 'They should be renamed the Job Killing agency.' Wow!"

ELincolnW said, "Of course, once again, the marginalization of Ron Paul. If you watch the debate again he by FAR got the most applause and he won the CNN poll at the end (which was never mentioned)." inyourhead00 said, "Ron Paul was the most impressive to me. This guy must be doing something right if both Democrats and Republicans hate him."

dognamedbuew said, "President Obama clearly won the debate. I contacted our local Democratic party this morning and pledged to change parties from Republican to Democrat. These guys offered no solution except more breaks for the wealthy." PickOutTwo said, "Late last night, somewhere in The West Wing, President Obama had a chardonnay, and a smile."

zenduane1 said, "What debate? Everyone here in NH was watching the Bruins. Do these extremist Republicans even matter? Obama vs. X is going to go the same way as Johnson vs. Goldwater."

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Huntsman entering GOP race

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman will formally announce his bid for the presidency next week at Liberty State Park in New Jersey, a Republican source told CNN on Tuesday. Commenters mainly said they had favorable impressions of Huntsman - a former U.S. ambassador to China - but doubt that he'll be able to capture his party's nomination.

MTATL67 said, "The R-race just got more interesting." silentazure said, "Why bother? The GOP nominee will be a far-right hardliner. That is the only way they can get the nomination." wytchang said, "Finally! A candidate with both executive AND foreign affairs experience. Huntsman's political views and personal stuff aside, why can't more politicians WITH CREDENTIALS enter the presidential race?" MikeDUtah said, "Jon Huntsman Jr. will appeal to liberals as he did in Utah. His campaign for governor was very conservative but by the time he left (thank goodness!) when Obama called he was heading left of center." ragun said, "Sounds like the best thing out of the right so far. Even someone I could live with from that description. Best of luck to him."

Some readers addressed Huntsman's religion. clwyd said, "Sure, vote for a man who is a member of a religious cult!" silentazure said, "All religions are cults." heerobya said, "Religious cult = Mormonism. Or do you ACTUALLY believe somebody found gold plates with words from God on them that ONLY he could see and understand and are you REALLY going to take his word for it?" CalebJ said, "Please define cult. And no, simply saying cult = Mormonism is not a definition - it is an ad-hominem attack. If both Romney and Huntsman's races become about nothing other than their faith then that will be very, very sad."

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  1. Linda

    I don't agree that he should have resigned, but when he did I thought he did with class. NowI think the news media needs to drop it .

    June 16, 2011 at 7:24 pm | Report abuse |
  2. Khondakar Golam Mowla

    We need Sharia law of all prophets of Islam (Peace be upon them all) in whole world to save us from this

    June 19, 2011 at 8:25 am | Report abuse |
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