Jolie in Turkey to meet Syrian refugees
June 17th, 2011
10:01 AM ET

Jolie in Turkey to meet Syrian refugees

Actress Angelina Jolie, a longtime goodwill ambassador for the U.N. refugee agency, arrived in southern Turkey on Friday to visit Syrian refugees, a high-profile trip focusing attention on misery faced by ordinary citizens who have escaped violence in turbulent Syria.

Jolie, who is scheduled to visit the Altinozu refugee camp, arrived at the airport in Hatay and was greeted by officials, according to the state-run Anatolian Agency.

Hatay provincial officials had vans for the trip to Altinozu, and "toys unloaded from the plane were loaded to one of the vans in her convoy," the agency reported.

More than 9,600 Syrian men, women, and children have fled their country for Turkey to escape violence, including a military offensive in the Jisr al-Shugur area.

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  1. Casey Post

    Lee Anthony recalled his sister saying, “she couldn’t believe it was happening, and it felt kind of surreal to her,” he testified. She said she did nothing to stop her child from being taken, he recounted, because “she was scared and she didn’t know what to do.”

    His sister told him from time to time, Gonzalez would contact her through Casey Anthony’s MySpace page and direct her as to what to do and where to go. She went to the locations, she said, in hopes of seeing or retrieving her daughter but was never successful in finding her.

    Casey Anthony’s account as related by Lee Anthony differed markedly from the one she gave authorities after Caylee was reported missing. She maintained to police she dropped the child off at the nanny’s apartment that morning and never saw her again.

    Authorities were never able to find the nanny. They did find a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez, who denied ever meeting Casey Anthony or Caylee and later sued for defamation.

    “Zanny never materialized?” Baez asked Lee Anthony Thursday. “To this day, no,” he replied.

    Lee Anthony also testified Thursday that he was the one searching the Internet on the Anthony family computer July 15 and 16, 2008. A computer examiner testified Wednesday that no searches for Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez were found on the computer until July 16 — dealing a potential blow to Casey Anthony’s claims to authorities that she was frantically searching for her daughter in the month before her disappearance was reported.

    Computer experts testified Wednesday that in March, someone using the desktop computer, located in the home Casey Anthony shared with her parents, searched for terms including “chloroform,” “inhalation,” “how to make chloroform” and “head injury.”

    The searches were found in a portion of the computer’s hard drive that indicated they had been deleted, Detective Sandra Osborne of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office testified Wednesday.

    However, she told jurors, deleted material remains on a computer’s hard drive and can be retrieved until it is overwritten by new data. It had not been overwritten on the Anthonys’ computer, she said, and “a complete Internet history” was obtained.

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  2. bobcat2u

    Mmmmmmm !!!!!!! Turkey w/ chestnut stuffing and mashed potatoes w/giblet gravy and cranberry sauce and green bean cassarole and cornbread dressing and pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream. Damn, I got to go find something to eat.

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  3. saywhat

    Wish Angelina Jolie had the spunk to visit 1.2 million Palestinian refugees living in camps in their own coutry and suffering for decades.

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  4. leeintulsa

    I wish i was a refugee 🙁

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  5. banasy

    I just wish that Angelina Jolie could get the UN to find a way to get both the Syrian government and the opposition together and stop all this useless bloodshed. That's what is soarly needed in Syria now. Unfortunately,neither Barack Obama nor Hilary Clinton seem to want that to happen, sadly enough.

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  6. CNN is a Lie


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  7. banasy

    Shut up, Jacassio!

    June 18, 2011 at 2:52 pm | Report abuse |