Tuesday's intriguing people
Proceeds from "Weird Al" Yankovic's Lady Gaga parody will go the the Human Rights Campaign.
June 21st, 2011
11:03 AM ET

Tuesday's intriguing people

"Weird Al" Yankovic

The man who is famous for his musical parodies has taken on one of the biggest names in music: Lady Gaga. Yankovic has redone Gaga's latest hit, "Born This Way," and the video for "Perform This Way" premiered on YouTube on Monday. The song was not without controversy, as Entertainment Weekly reported that Lady Gaga's manager initially told Yankovic that Gaga wasn't in support of the song. But after Yankovic took to the Internet to express his frustration, Gaga's manager admitted that the singer had never seen the video or heard the song.

On his blog, Yankovic wrote of the manager: "Even though we assumed that Gaga herself was the one making the decision (because, well, that’s what we were TOLD), he apparently made the decision completely on his own. He’s sorry." Proceeds from the single will go to the Human Rights Campaign.

David Hart

The British Royal Marine, who was killed in Afghanistan last year, left £100,000 (about $170,000) to friends to take a vacation to Las Vegas. Hart had taken out a life insurance policy before heading to the war-torn country, and one of the stipulations was that if he died, part of the money was to go toward a trip for his mates. Friend Andy Hare told the British tabloid The Sun that Hart wrote in a letter, "'Go and have a good time and spend all this money.' All the lads said, 'What a guy.' "

Jason West

The mayor of New Paltz, New York, made headlines in 2004 when he married 24 same-sex couples in a day. He was charged with 19 misdemeanor counts of "solemnizing marriages without a license," but those charges were later dropped. West was voted out of office in 2007, and he returned to painting houses. Elected again this year, West is watching what's happening in Albany as the state Senate prepares to vote on gay marriage rights. West said he feels that he was late to the game of supporting same sex-marriage, but that the 2004 weddings got people in the town moving from "an abstract" to something more concrete. He told New York magazine, "Seeing their own neighbors get married moved people from ambivalence to 'How could I deny that happiness to my neighbors?' "

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  1. Thelma Lu Brickmore

    I love Weird Al Yankovic. He's the best! I like his songs better than what he is parodying.

    June 21, 2011 at 1:30 pm | Report abuse |
  2. fernace

    Thanks Weird Al for supporting the Human Rights campaign. Even Lady Gaga can get behind that. Also, having your song parodied by Weird Al, means you've arrived! David Hart had a big heart. To do this for his friends is amazing, I hope they use some of the $ for a commemoration to him! The controversy over gay marriage is all over the blogs these days. The factions seem to be the gay & sraight supporters vs. the fundamental christians, predicting everything from anarchy to burning in hell. This kind of doctrine isn't endearing the christians or the God they worship, to the rest of us. If I have to choose bigotry, disdain & a judgemental mindset in order to be "christian," I'll pass, thanks! Luckily my doctrine preaches a loving, giving, inclusive God! It's time the President gets on board, too! Equal Rights to all Americans!!

    June 21, 2011 at 1:43 pm | Report abuse |
  3. Riff*Raff

    A life insurance policy with the intended purpose of giving $170k for this friends to party in Vegas? What a great gift to his friends. He sounds like a very generous man in life and in death.

    Weird Al...always enjoyed his music-Eat It! a personal fave-his lyrics always make a bigger point with humor. Although, seeing him age makes me feel ancient!

    I guess the mayor in NY wasn't off his rocker after all, eh? The house painter was even re-elected after his mass civil union faux pas. I think love and commitment is for everyone, not just straight couples. If marriage is their choice, then let them. This falls under the pursuit of happiness in my opinion. Let people love one another. There's already enough hate to go around.
    FWIW- With a 50%+ divorce rate in this country, it's not like the heteros have the marriage thing mastered, lol.

    June 21, 2011 at 5:24 pm | Report abuse |
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