Gotta Watch: Kiddy car chases
A little girl narrowly escapes injury when a car lands on a pole in front of a store.
June 22nd, 2011
09:50 AM ET

Gotta Watch: Kiddy car chases

Kids. One minute they're crawling and the next they're driving - all before the tender age of 10. That's right. Today's Gotta Watch is all about kiddies and cars. Whether they're leading police on a high-speed chase, steering the wheel to save grandma or narrowly avoiding car crashes, these videos of children and their vehicular exploits are a must-see.

To daddy's house we go – A seven-year-old boy drives for 20 miles at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. The barefoot child was in his pajamas and his goal was to get to his biological father's house.
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Car crashes over child's head – The image is stunningly scary. A small girl walks in front of a store when a car crashes above her head. Amazingly, she was not hurt.
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Grandson, take the wheel – An eight-year-old boy is forced to steer a car to safety when his grandmother has a seizure while driving almost 70 miles per hour. No one knows how long he drove, but it was at least a mile before he had help.
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Just another Sunday joyride – What is it with the seven-year-old set? This seven-year-old boy really, really didn't want to go to church. So, he grabbed the car keys and took off, with the cops on his tail. When he ditches the ride, he quickly takes off running and police are forced to chase him down.
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