Have you had your tickle today?
The Cosquillarte treatment starts with a finger touch and progresses to a feather.
June 28th, 2011
10:26 AM ET

Have you had your tickle today?

Elmo would think he'd gone to heaven.

The world's first tickling spa has opened in Spain, Time.com reports.

For $35 for a half-hour or $45 for an hour, discreetly covered clients lie down on a massage table and subject themselves to a professional tickling.

Clients of Cosquillarte, which opened in Madrid in December, swear it's relaxing.

The name of the spa can be translated "Tickle yourself" or "Tickle Art," Time's Lisa Abend reports.

"My dad used to tickle me to get me to go to sleep, so it's always relaxed me," owner Isabel Aires told Abend. "One day I just thought, why can't I pay someone to do this, in the same way as I can pay for a massage?"

Aires and two trained massage therapists developed a treatment.

"There's no school for tickling," she said. "We had to invent it ourselves."

"We use a variety of strokes," therapist Lourdes Nieto told Abend. "If someone is super ticklish, we'll press harder. The idea is to relax them, not stress them out."

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