State TV: President Hugo Chavez returns to Venezuela
President Hugo Chavez has been in Havana, Cuba, for treatment of a cancerous tumor.
July 4th, 2011
08:06 AM ET

State TV: President Hugo Chavez returns to Venezuela

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has returned to the nation's capital of Caracas, state-run VTV reported Monday morning.

The network showed images of Chavez leaving Havana, Cuba and arriving in Caracas, reporting that Chavez returned to Venezuela at 2 a.m. local time.

Chavez has been in Havana for weeks undergoing treatment after doctors performed emergency surgery. He announced last week that they had removed a cancerous tumor.

Speaking to VTV after his arrival, Chavez said, his plane had made a "perfect landing" and he was feeling fine.

"I am well. I am happy," he said.

He said his return reminded him of a song, and began singing the words "beautiful night."

He was surrounded by a crowd of grinning supporters.

Venezuela celebrates its bicentennial Tuesday.

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  2. Alessio Gronchi


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  3. Alessio Gronchi

    I am Alessio Gronchi. Sir,will you please not use my name?

    July 4, 2011 at 8:41 am | Report abuse |

      Don't feel bad, Alessio. This Tea Partying jerk does the same thing to me. He must think he's funny!!!

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  4. DaBeast99

    State run TV....really Hugo?! Nobody wants to see a fat dictator break into song, because he has nothing substantial to say to his people! Shame on you CNN for running this stupid article!

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      No, shame on you DeBeast99 for posting your ignorant comment above. You people evidently harbor no shame over your ignorance!

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  5. George Patton

    This is great news indeed. Hugo Chavez is one of best leaders Latin America has these days as he stands up to the right-wing thugs in Washington. Now just watch a lot of these mindless, dirty minded, foul speaking Tea Partiers bash this man with their nonsense like the jerk above!!!

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  6. Jay Horn

    @georgepatton: shut the hell up. Why dont you move to Venezuela if you think a dictatorship is so wonderful.

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      No Jay, you shut up! Besides, George Patton commanded the 3rd Army during WW2. What the hell did you do for this country???

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  7. Jay Horn

    If General Patton was alive today, he would be a tea party member. He hated communism and socialism.

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  8. Jay Horn

    Study history before you spout off left wing garbage.

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  9. Jay Horn

    @RUFFNUTT: to answer your question what have I done for this country. Well for one I pay taxes so you can enjoy your food stamps.

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    @jay.. awesome.. to bad there isn't a flat tax so now matter how much money you made everyone would pay a fair share...

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  11. banasy

    Jay Horn:
    Ignore the Troll Brigade.
    He acts 5 years old because that's what age his critical think stopped.
    "No, Jay, you shut up!"
    Like I said, 5.

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    • banasy

      Sorry Jay, my mistake here. Not the "Troll Brigade", the "Tea Party Brigade".

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  12. Jay Horn

    Should have elected Steve Forbes and we would have a flat tax.

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  13. banasy


    The Troll Brigade has struck again.
    I didn't write the
    2:48 post.
    One can tell.
    You're smart enough to be one of those who know.
    Anyone who disagrees, gets trolled.
    His antics are just as silly as the pablum he proffers.

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  14. jose eisynover leon fuentes

    vamos persiente hugo chavez con toda persiencia yo quiero tu codor y dispuesto yo puedo dia celeciones dia vitoria perciencia repulica lo emirado muchu que y de todos paise que tu eres mejor persiente venzuela y de mundo uribe se sangalo pararese payaso de circo de moscu perdor uribe

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