Legendary turtle nursed back to health
Lesions are visible on the flippers and head of a soft-shelled turtle after it was removed from a Vietnam lake in April.
July 13th, 2011
02:05 PM ET

Legendary turtle nursed back to health

A large, soft-shelled turtle linked to Vietnamese mythology has been returned to the wild after three months of treatment, according to media reports.

"Her health condition is good, no more ulcers on the body," said Le Xuan Rao, director of Hanoi's Department of Science and Technology, the Bangkok (Thailand) Post reported. "Everything went smoothly."

The female turtle, one of just four of its kind (Rafetus swinhoei) known to exist, was captured in Hanoi's Hoan Kiem lake in April when its skin lesions and other injuries were noticed, according to VietNamNet Bridge.

The turtle weighs 372 pounds and is probably more than 100 years old, the Bangkok Post reported. The lake has been cleaned up and stocked with fish species the turtle eats, VietNamNet Bridge reported.

It was popularly known as The Great-Grandfather before it was captured and its sex determined, according to thisdishisvegetarian.com.

According to the Bangkok paper, all Vietnamese schoolchildren are taught that the 15th century rebel leader Le Loi used a magical sword to drive out Chinese invaders. One day while boating on Hoan Kiem lake, Le Loi encountered a turtle. The animal took Le Loi's sacred sword and dived to the bottom, keeping the weapon safe for the next time foreigners invaded Vietnam, the story goes.

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    I bet this turtle was rockin' the delta during nam.

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