Toddler rescued from China train crash may lose leg
Two-year-old Xiang Weiyi lies in a hospital bed after the deadly weekend train collision near Wenzhou, China.
July 25th, 2011
11:47 AM ET

Toddler rescued from China train crash may lose leg

A toddler rescued nearly a day after a deadly high-speed train crash in eastern China's Zhejiang province may lose her leg, according to the English version of  Xinhuanet, the online news service of state-run news agency Xinhua.

Xiang Weiyi, 2, is being monitored closely in intensive care at a medical facility connected with Wenzhou Medical College, ICU director Pan Guoquan told the news agency.

The child lost a lot of blood in two toes of her left foot, and doctors are waiting to see if her blood circulation in her leg returns, according to Xinhuanet. Otherwise, the leg could be amputated, he told the agency.

The news comes as nationwide outrage continued Monday in China over the government's response to the deadly bullet train collision.

The Saturday train collision, which killed at least 38 people, happened near Wenzhou. The girl was reportedly the last to be rescued from the mangled train cars.

Chinese netizens outraged over response to fatal bullet train crash

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  1. Queenie

    Preaching to the choir, tommy....preaching to the choir.


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  2. CSnSC

    @Derp, ha !

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  3. leeintulsa

    Toddler losing a leg.. With 38 dead, sounds like she got off light.

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  4. dafsdkf


    @天涯浪子0714:@美国驻华大使馆 @联合国 我首次对中国以外的人和机构做出恳求。我们无能,没法反抗政府,但请你们号召全球,不要接受共产党官员家属的移民!他们把钱都捞走了,留下豆腐渣来祸害我们。唯今之计,只有确保他们跟我们在一条船上跑不了我们才能安全点。这不是你们的义务,但请你们出于人道主义,做到它 原文转发(47)|原文评论(9)

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  5. dafsdkf


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  6. Mike Smithee


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  7. Mike Smithee


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  8. Mike Smithee

    Magazine Breaks News on Organ Harvesting in China

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  9. ec

    here r the photos about the train crash in China!!! The government never cares about life!!!! i hope more people will see those photos!!!

    July 27, 2011 at 9:48 am | Report abuse |
  10. Chris

    A tragedy. I read an interesting article at think on that dot com
    It has some news about the failing infrastructure in China, the train crash, bridge collapses, and other problems.

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