Bruce Lee memorabilia goes to auction
August 6th, 2011
02:01 PM ET

Bruce Lee's jacket sells for $77,000

An American couple submitted the winning auction bid for a flamboyant fur-lined blue jacket worn by Bruce Lee in his final film appearance, entertainment website reported Saturday.

The martial arts movie icon wore the long blue jacket in the unfinished film "Game of Death" as well as at the premiere of his best-known film, "Enter the Dragon."

The auction winners bid $77,000 for the jacket, BBC reported.

Phila China auction house of Hong Kong sold a dozen other Lee items, including a neatly written 1966 letter detailing plans and hopes for his budding career, for a total of more than $217,000, according to BBC.

Lee grew up in Hong Kong before moving to the United States in his late teens, according to His acting career was kick-started by his role in the one-season series "The Green Hornet," in which he played valet/bodyguard Kato. His films include "Fists of Fury" and "The Way of the Dragon."

Lee died in 1973 at age 32 of cerebral edema caused by a bad reaction to medication, according to imdb.

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  1. Miz banasy


    Don't tease me...please tell me it's finally raining where you are....

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      Yes, banasy. Pretty hard, too. Line of storms popped up east to west moving east. All comin over tulsa. N and s ok are still screwed, but we're getting it good right now. And maybe for a little while to go.

      Came up on the porch to type this lol

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  2. yada

    @ are funny and a breath of fresh air. Got me laughing. OK...what does "why the u/n yada" mean. Like I said, I'm new at this. It's probably something real easy to figure out and then I'm going to feel silly. Sorry. Forgot my question mark.

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  3. HIKER

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    any carry on! SURGAR 🙂

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  4. HIKER

    User name, beautiful 🙂

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  5. meee

    Big deal! its a jacket from a dead guy

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  6. Miz banasy


    So glad! Yay!

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    • leeintulsa

      Just issued a severe thunderstorm warning... Mixed blessing maybe? Lol

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  7. Miz banasy

    You did just fine with your post; you were talking to different people, and we each got your message.

    You're supposed to put the letters into words, then words into sentences.

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  8. yada

    OH! Big fan of Seinfeld but there's already a Yadda that posts sometimes so I just left off a "D." Hope that's ok.

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  9. HIKER

    I had NO ill will in my comment to Yada! For you to come off as me having done such is very rude!

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  10. HIKER

    And the conversation was between her and I...little lady...

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  11. HIKER

    Yada ...Your perfect just the way you are! You sound like a very sweet person. I just want to *pinch* your cheeks...LOL

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  12. yada

    @ Hiker Please don't be upset with Miz banasy. I don't think she was scolding you. Just being humorous. @ Miz banasy Thank you for the encouragement and I didn't take any offense to Hikers' posts. He's just having fun too.

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  13. HIKER

    Yada...hope your sticking around little women? A flower is just what we need around here.
    @ Miz Banasy please ask what some one means by their post next time, instead of making inferences. k...our we cool?
    peace is much better than jabs

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  14. yada

    @ leeintulsa LOL! Have you ever seen the episode, The Statue? That one cracks me up so much! Love the line about "coincidences!" Hope you are safe in that storm.

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    • Mr. Costanza

      "There are no degrees of coincidences, No such things as small coincidences or big coincidences there are only coincidences."

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  15. yada

    @ Hiker You've made my entire day by your kind posts. Thank you. You are a sweetheart.

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