Overheard on CNN.com: Blame the parents for teaching hate
James Craig Anderson's killing was caught on video.
August 8th, 2011
06:27 PM ET

Overheard on CNN.com: Blame the parents for teaching hate

Comments of the Day:

"Kids don't get this sick and twisted on their own. What kind of F'd up parents do they come from?" - zodnick

"The next time someone talks about reverse discrimination, saying that slavery ended 145 years ago and the blacks should get over it, you should let them read this story and watch this video. People who don't want to admit that racism and xenophobia exist in the USA are a bigger problem than the racists themselves. They enable racists like a wife enabling her alcoholic husband. I bet those kid's parents are sure proud." - HKHodges

Video shows white teens driving over, killing black man, says DA

Eighteen-year-old Deryl Dedmon was charged with murder Monday in the death of James Craig Anderson, a 49-year-old auto plant worker. Anderson was standing in a parking lot near his car when he was attacked by a group of teens yelling racial epithets, according to witnesses. Surveillance film acquired exclusively by CNN shows Anderson clearly in the headlights of a truck that then ran him over. Witnesses say Dedmon later took credit for the crime.

Many CNN.com readers blamed the parents for raising their children to hate. bgirl38 said, "Thank god for surveilance cameras. These kids can only get that level of hate from their parents. There is no way a kid today can hate someone based on race, it starts at home. RIP Mr. Anderson!" GizzyN said, "Reading some of the racist, bigoted comments posted here, I don't know why any of us are surprised that horrible things like this still happen. It makes me sick to my stomach to see such disgusting comments being made by (supposed) adults in this day and age."

whyuask said, "I'm black and if this story had been the opposite, my feeling here would have been the same: this was a horrible thing to do to another human being. Why are people more concerned with CNN's angle or how many blacks have committed crimes against whites? These have got to be the saddest comments ever."

AusTexan said, "I'm Caucasian and I find the actions of these teens absolutely revolting. Race is irrelevant. There are good and bad people no matter what your skin color is. I feel bad for this man and his family. I hope these scum get what they have coming to them. I would be equally appalled if the situation was reversed."

SlovanGorsky said, "Freaking horrible. Some guy minding his own business, living his own life, gets murdered by people filled with misguided hate for no reason. His poor family and friends get to wake up everyday with that incident implanted in their brains forever."

alvink600 said, "See, if this boy were educated properly, he would have realized that he too is an African. After all, the human species originated from Africa around 50,000 years ago. Education saved me from bigotry, blind hatred, and perhaps even from a fate like this boy's."

Cheating report confirms teacher's suspicions

A successful teacher for 30 years, Atlantan Julie Rogers-Martin couldn't understand the growing gap between her students' standardized test scores and those of her colleagues' kids. One second-grader she recommended for special education received an "exceeding expectations" the following year. "I knew that was impossible," says Rogers-Martin.

She was right. Last month, teachers and principals at 44 Atlanta public schools were found to have participated in cheating on the state standardized test. Many CNN.com readers said the cash bonuses and pressure to perform made cheating inevitable.

yeti37 asked, "Why is everyone so surprised? If you took this story and put it in the sports section, no one would bat an eye. Athletes and teachers are humans, and humans cheat when money is involved. We live in a society where no one is allowed to fail and if they do, it always someone else's fault. Teachers cheat to avoid blame and to get bonuses. Are there any professions that are different?" JeramieH3 said, "Any situation where somebody's personal monetary benefit is limited only by their honesty isn't going to last long."

SumaBeetch said, "I have a half-sister who works as a teacher in SoCal, and she walked into a room full of her fellow teachers who were busy 'correcting errors' on the tests for many of their students. She told the principal, who did nothing other than to say, 'Some of the students were not as clear as they meant to be with their answers, so we are helping clear things up.' "

But wonteach said, "The tests, and the emphasis on testing as a method of evaluating teachers, may be legitimately criticized. But when we ask why the teachers and principals cheated, there is only one answer: The testing requirements merely exposed their dishonesty, it didn't create it."

beowulf101 said, "On the flip side, my daughter attends a middle-school where teachers assign so much homework that she is frequently up until midnight and only sleeping seven hours a night. The reason is the same: test scores for funds. I kind of draw the line at studying so much that there's an issue with proper sleep."

Viewer1456 said, "No Child Left Behind is killing our education system. Teachers worry so much about test scores rather than about interacting with students and really helping them learn. It's really sad."

London violence extends into third day

Q&A: What sparked the London riots?

London riots continued Monday in the eastern borough of Hackney after a Saturday vigil set off riots in Tottenham, an ethnically diverse, working-class suburb whose residents are predominantly Afro-Caribbean. What began as a peaceful protest of the death of suspect Mark Dugan soon devolved into riots as demonstrators - whose numbers included whites and blacks - tossed petrol bombs, looted stores and burned police cars." Some commenters tried to turn the discussion to race and immigration, but other CNN.com readers refused.

blindntruth asked, "Isn't diversity great?" agnostic1130 replied, "Absolutely it is great; the other side to diversity is 1930's Germany. Which one do you prefer?"

missmily asked, "Why are you all turning this into a black argument? There are as many white rioters and every colour in-between; have you actually watched the footage? It's clearly a mixed bunch of youths, from a mixed community. I live down the road from there, and there just as many white dissaffected youths as any other."

Suricata said, "I'm confused as to how this is been turned into an immigration issue. The people doing this are British. People keep talking as though those involved just got off a boat. Britain is filled with council estates full of desperate unemployed people living on welfare; their racial background has no bearing at all. Also, the notion that a person can just enter the country and get benefits with minimal effort is a blatant lie and is only used to incite hatred towards immigrants."

ThisStyle said, "Multiculturalism, assimilation, and Dugan are not responsible for looting. Merely convenient." mike6972 said, "They were looting, burning, and destroying for the fun of it."

joehm said, "At the end of the day, Londoners have survived the Blitz, the Nazis, numerous far-worse riots during the 80s, Irish Terrorists (IRA), Libyan terrorism and Al Qaeda. I think London will get through this. London is undoubtedly the strongest and most resilient city in the world."

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