Reports: Pakistan let Chinese inspect U.S. stealth copter
The U.S. stealth copter crashed in Osama bin Laden's Pakistan compound.
August 15th, 2011
12:02 PM ET

Reports: Pakistan let Chinese inspect U.S. stealth copter

[Updated at 12:02 p.m.] Chinese military engineers likely got to examine the wreckage of the U.S. stealth helicopter that crashed during the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan, according to news reports.

"We have reason to suspect China was given access, but we cannot confirm it definitively.  We have strong suspicions," a U.S. official told CNN.

Pakistani intelligence operatives likely gave the Chinese access to the wreckage, the New York Times reported, citing American officials and other intelligence sources.

The Chinese engineers were able to photograph the wreckage and take samples of the stealth skin that helps the chopper avoid radar detection, intelligence sources told the Financial Times.

When the aircraft crashed during the raid that killed the al Qaeda leader in May, Navy SEALs destroyed most of it to protect the technology. But the tail section remained mostly intact and it was that area that the Chinese engineers examined, according to the New York Times report.

U.S. intelligence is basing its opinion that the Chinese got access to the stealth copter on intercepted phone conversations, the Times reported.

A U.S. official says “we have reason to suspect China was given access but we cannot confirm it definitively. We have strong suspicions.”

Pakistani officials contacted by the New York Times refused comment on the matter. The Financial Times said a Pakistani official denied the accusations.

Both newspapers noted that China and Pakistan enjoy a longstanding military relationship.

The raid that killed bin Laden, staged without informing Pakistan, stoked tensions between the U.S. and Pakistan.

In July, the U.S. said it was withholding $800 million in aid to Pakistan.

"They've taken some steps that have given us reason to pause on some of the aid which we're giving to the military, and we're trying to work through that," White House Chief of Staff William Daley said at the time.

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  1. ThatGuyBill

    They should give me $800 million in aid.

    August 15, 2011 at 11:39 am | Report abuse |
  2. Really

    China will never surpass the US in anything because their own people are stifled by communism. We are allowed to think freely and therefore able to innovate. All they can do is hope to copy something we've already mastered, and not do a very good job at it. Keep copying our stuff China, we're already at least 20 years ahead of you anyways.

    August 15, 2011 at 11:39 am | Report abuse |
    • Irene

      Good morning, Mr. Rip Van Winkle. Even Henry Kissinger admitted who blind he was reducing China to nothing...

      August 15, 2011 at 11:47 am | Report abuse |
    • Irene


      August 15, 2011 at 11:47 am | Report abuse |
    • Mike

      You are a dumb, dumb, China is currently in the middle of wiping you off the map. Explain how you intend to remain #1 when you are negative 15 Trillion in debt and climbing faster than the money you have coming in to reverse it let alone pay it off.

      August 15, 2011 at 12:18 pm | Report abuse |
    • CaEd

      You are deluding yourself, and others that want to believe like you, that China can't build quality products or that we are 20 years ahead of China in ANYTHING. You are whistling past the grave yard.

      The factories that produce all of the electronics are 51% owned by Chinese companies. These companies are, if not outright owned by the Government, are controlled by the Government.

      The Military watches and controls all business in China. If they see strategic reason or possible development occur will place its agents, scientists and managers there to siphon off what knowledge and technology it feels it can to gain that edge.

      The Chinese are building a blue water navy to "control our interests" in the Pacific. Their newest vessel, an Aircraft Carrier, begins sea trials soon.
      Oh wait, an Aircraft Carrier needs Airplanes too. Where are the design teams for these? They are here in the US, Italy, Germany, France, and GB. They are going to our top Universities getting educated; they are getting hands-on work experience working in the important industries and R&D Labs.
      They are called spies.

      They don';t have to have the smartest people doing the original research. What they do is a lot of reverse engineering and while that takes talent too, they have a LOT of talented people and government resources to spend on what ever goal the Military sets.

      What about the Chinese Space Program? They didn't have to send dogs and Chimps into space to see what was there, they used data from others. They didn't build space suits from scratch, they bought them on the open market. The list is endless.

      What about the Industrialization/militarization of their Infrastructure with huge amounts of fiber optics?

      August 15, 2011 at 12:27 pm | Report abuse |
  3. bill

    soo much anger against pakistani's, the fact is the US deserved every bit of this and much more. The Chinese have their own doctrine and will begin to establish their own sphere of influence, move over usa there's nothing you can do to stop this.

    August 15, 2011 at 11:39 am | Report abuse |
    • Tom

      Deserved what?

      August 15, 2011 at 11:58 am | Report abuse |
    • Heywood Yablowme

      Techinically, we can nuke the high holy sh!t out of the chinks.

      August 15, 2011 at 11:58 am | Report abuse |
    • David M

      @bill: I suppose you also think that 30 seals deserved to die last week, too. Maybe you should move to Paki. They would love to have you.

      August 15, 2011 at 12:01 pm | Report abuse |
    • Snoot

      Right you are, Bill. Right you are.

      August 15, 2011 at 12:03 pm | Report abuse |
  4. Hung Lo

    We will crush you Imperialist yankee dogs. Our technology will chop chop chop you into sushi . We not need broken chopper technowlogy. We have our own superior technowlogy filthy yankee dogs.

    August 15, 2011 at 11:48 am | Report abuse |
    • chumlee

      What about cat chop choy... you have?

      August 15, 2011 at 11:54 am | Report abuse |
    • Leon

      Cao Ni Ma

      August 15, 2011 at 11:58 am | Report abuse |
    • Tom

      Come on dude, sushi? If you're going to make a joke at least be culturally consistent.

      August 15, 2011 at 12:00 pm | Report abuse |
  5. Kerahdah

    Don't forget, the American space program was not inspired by Americans. Have you forgotten the German scientist, Werner Von Braun. So stop being silly, stop claiming to be so smart.

    August 15, 2011 at 11:50 am | Report abuse |
    • Snoot

      ..."once they go up, who cares where they come down – that's not my department, said Werner Von Braun".

      August 15, 2011 at 12:00 pm | Report abuse |
  6. Skipper

    China calls it's self 'communist', but any fool can see it is a thriving capitalist country...

    August 15, 2011 at 11:50 am | Report abuse |
  7. chumlee

    Allah be with you USA. The Chinese invented gun powder. The Indians developed warfare. You have whirlybirds that goes paat paat at night, big deal!

    August 15, 2011 at 11:51 am | Report abuse |
    • Todd A

      For anyone reading this, I want you to know that this isn't the Chumlee who usually posts here.

      I know Chumlee and you sir are no Chumlee.

      August 15, 2011 at 11:54 am | Report abuse |
    • chumlee

      I guess you know Hung Low as well?

      August 15, 2011 at 12:02 pm | Report abuse |
  8. Skipper

    The real irony is that the $800 million was very likely borrowed from China...

    August 15, 2011 at 11:52 am | Report abuse |
  9. Rationalthinker

    Guys don't forget India as the regional superpower as well....use them as allies – they have kicked Pakistani butt in 4 wars. US should get into a strategic military alliance with India. Pakistan needs to be contained completely and swiftly.
    No more of my hard earned dollars for the terrorist state of Pakistan!!!

    August 15, 2011 at 11:52 am | Report abuse |
    • chumlee

      India will never trust the USA for anything. Most people in India know how you people are? You bomb Pakistan and You also bomb India and blame it on eachother and watch the fun from the outside. We know ! Your days are numbered. You will implode within your own country.

      August 15, 2011 at 11:57 am | Report abuse |
  10. aizen

    it is funny how many say china cant buid nothing with what they still...remember they built a stealth fighter and didnt even need russia to help, so to me, we have to be very careful what we say and not to underestimate them or their craftmanship..all the bad design and cheap things we see here are the one made by cheap and bad company, there are also good made in china products......if iran can be advance and one of the leading country in nano tech, imagine where china is compared to them? also i read this week end that china is only 20 years behind the USA in military technology..not a big gap i say....

    August 15, 2011 at 11:52 am | Report abuse |
  11. Hung Lo

    Thats wite. Russia put first man in space. Yankee imperialist dogs nawt soo smart. Need nazis like werner von braun to help build wockets to keep them frum blowing up on launch pad – HO HO HO !

    August 15, 2011 at 11:53 am | Report abuse |
  12. OregonTom

    China can not even build a bullet train let alone a stealth anything.

    August 15, 2011 at 11:55 am | Report abuse |
  13. idecomp

    I say massively increase drone strikes on legit targets, discontunue all Aid to the country and find new supply routes. Let the Paki's rot.

    August 15, 2011 at 11:56 am | Report abuse |
  14. Tom in Richmond

    Wake up America! We are in a new cold war with China... they launch cyber attacks and sponsor terrorists through surrogates... and we greedily consume their goods. Start reading the labels... WALMART may as well move their corporate offices to China...

    August 15, 2011 at 11:59 am | Report abuse |
  15. Hung Lo

    China is best country in world. We bettar than capatilist Imperial Yankee dawgs . We are namber ONE AND we will wule the world !

    August 15, 2011 at 12:01 pm | Report abuse |
    • Sally

      Doesnt look like as you dont know how to read write or spell...

      August 15, 2011 at 12:03 pm | Report abuse |
    • Leon

      Cao Ni Ma Bi

      If you dont understand what I said, you are Fake Chinese.

      August 15, 2011 at 12:07 pm | Report abuse |
    • RyantheNome

      Sally don't be naive. It's called sarcasm.

      August 15, 2011 at 12:08 pm | Report abuse |
    • JM

      LOL. Someone needs to get out from the under the rock.

      August 15, 2011 at 12:08 pm | Report abuse |
    • eddynutz

      You sound pretty dumb to me...

      August 15, 2011 at 12:09 pm | Report abuse |
    • Marley

      I sense sarcasm. Anybody named "Hung Lo" is obviously a joker!

      But yes, the world will be ruled by both China and USA in the long run.

      Unless of course, those Americans who support folks like Bachman, Perry, and Palin, you know the ones who continue to believe that "Jesus" is on their side, get their way and screw-up the US with wars and a water-down scientific curriculum. Who needs science when "Jesus" will do magic for you?!

      August 15, 2011 at 12:10 pm | Report abuse |
    • J.B.B.

      TO HUNG LO: it would appear that your intelligence (what there is of it) is "hung lo".

      AMERICA: Love it or leave it !!!!

      August 15, 2011 at 12:10 pm | Report abuse |
    • nofed

      ITs all communism if read the 10 planks of communist manifesto. Thats why the US is having problems it abandoned its traditional economics because the Gov wants power.

      August 15, 2011 at 12:11 pm | Report abuse |
    • AmesIA

      Dude – have you heard of "Engrish"? Original post was meant to be humor.

      August 15, 2011 at 12:12 pm | Report abuse |
    • EastPark

      Another Chinese white.

      August 15, 2011 at 12:12 pm | Report abuse |
    • Silly

      He is obviously kidding. Look at his name again. And his spelling is mocking a Chinese accent. Not saying I agree with his silliness, but before you rage you should take the time to see if you understand their point.

      August 15, 2011 at 12:13 pm | Report abuse |
    • Leon


      Youa are right. If he IS a mainland Chinese, he should spell the name as "Huang Luo".

      August 15, 2011 at 12:14 pm | Report abuse |
    • Veal

      Right on!, Hung Lo, right on!

      August 15, 2011 at 12:15 pm | Report abuse |
    • ExaltedMan


      Being a Chinese did you complete TOEFL (Thorough Of English as a Foreign Language)?

      By the way did you yet close down all these fake Apple stores in China? Why don't you discover something for yourself and the world other than Communism?

      August 15, 2011 at 12:16 pm | Report abuse |
    • Lori

      Whatever. Might want to use spell check before insulting people..

      August 15, 2011 at 12:19 pm | Report abuse |
    • Percy

      Hung Lo is right. America's morally and fiscally bankrupt empire is crumbling.

      August 15, 2011 at 12:26 pm | Report abuse |
    • Max

      Youre better in this case(and most case) because.... you steal the technology?
      Then yes, youre better if thats your definition of better.

      If youre asking if the chinese are better at computer hacking to steal
      othr countries technology, then yes, china is much better in this regard.
      Theyre the best thieves in the world.
      No one can steal like them.

      The issue is not are the chinese intelligent?
      Ofcourse and they study and work hard.

      But without stealing all the technology, they would need
      to develop it themselves.
      And any country that start at ground zero in a project would
      always be lagging behind other countries that have had similar
      project for years.... unless you steal the technology.

      So yes, chinese people are intelligent(like any human being dedicated
      to studying and working hard), but most all of china's technology
      (nuclear bomb, planes, computer, chips, boats, rockets, you name it)
      is the result of 70%+ of stealing it from others(maybe even 90%),
      and 10-30% effort of their own.

      So can you really call chinese technology/projects...chinese?

      SO the next time you feel so proud of chinese achievments,
      you think about how much of it was actually achieved by chinese people,
      or built by other nations but just glued together by chinese "puzzle makers".

      August 15, 2011 at 12:37 pm | Report abuse |
    • Won Hung Lo

      please don't use my name to make disparaging remarks about the United States.

      August 15, 2011 at 12:45 pm | Report abuse |
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