August 20th, 2011
05:01 PM ET

12 killed in plane crash in northern Canada

A charter jet crashed Saturday near Resolute Bay in Canada's Arctic, killing 12 people and injuring three others on board, First Air said.

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  1. banasy©

    Hi, leeintulsa.

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  2. One on One

    @ Jim the Taxi driver, Don't say that too loud unless you want the RED CROSS calling you at least once a week! I know all their names by heart now. LOL

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  3. Young William Jefferson Clinton's fav song

    "North to Canada" by the Dodgers. Of course that was before young William was recruited by HW Bush, then director of the CIA. Odd how many Clinton worshippers are totally unaware that Bill worked for the CIA.. And that wouldn't be the last time his boss would be HW Bush, who hired Bill again once he lost his job as gov. of Arkansas. Bill went to work for the Bush Zapata corporation brokering deals whereby Kuwaiti oil was illegally sold to Iraq's OPEC contract customer, Jaypan. It was the Bush Zapata corporation who developed Kuwait's oilfields and owned mineral rights to much of it. When (after complaining to the UN for over two years) the Iraqi people demanded that their leader do something about it, when he did, Bush's troops came to the rescue. This is how and why the War on Iraq began, and why Iraq is still occupied even after 10 years. (let's see if you can control your urges to crucify me for posting these truths)

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  4. guest

    I doubt that banasy can contain her urges to ignore what Philip posted above, and go straight to personally attacking him.

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  5. Sorin

    This message was posted in Globe & Mail (Canada) at 3:38 PM and erased. In the meantime a tornado hit Goderich, a place where I liked to go. What should happen to this G&M censors? On Aug 19, in Zawiya there were mass demonstrations pro Ghaddafi. question: where military victims in First air plane crash in Canada North? Nobody answers.
    Watch my clips on youtube – user firstconservative
    There is a lot of misinformation in North America main media (left or so called right). About God and “God is great”- give me a break! Rebels are using God, as so called Canadian conservatives used God to win elections. The non believers greens -sic- (aks Zandoli here) are supporting the Ghadaffi believers. Nowdays is hard to find an independent journalist to tell the truth. In Canada, we need Who is who in the media.

    lizzy phelan- misinformation about Tripoli, Aug 20, 2011

    “This makeshift and fluctuating army, which announces a victory every other day, has in fact been collecting defeat after defeat. Every battle recreates the same scenario, with each NATO bombardment forcing the population to flee their homes. Thus, the town is quickly run over by rebel forces who announce they have gained ground. Only then does the battle begin. The Libyan army enters the town and massacres the rebels. At that point, the population safely returns to the partially destroyed village…..[…].”

    Sorin B

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  6. Philip

    @Sorin...I hear you, and believe that you are correct about the situation in Libya. Most of us here on CNN not only do not believe in God, we attack those that do and without reasoning. We also support the rebels in Libya, and mimick our twisted media here, posting the thoughts of TV's talking-heads rather than our own. I hope that you have posted this elsewhere on these blogs, and I hope that someone besides me understands these truths. Hope to see you around. 🙂

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  7. :-)

    People have no respect . Sorry for the loses may they find heaven .

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