On the Radar: New CIA chief, alleged hate crime, UK hacking
New CIA chief David Petraeus was the top U.S. military commander in Afghanistan and Iraq.
September 6th, 2011
05:54 AM ET

On the Radar: New CIA chief, alleged hate crime, UK hacking

Three things you need to know today.

Petraeus at CIA: Retired U.S. Army Gen. David Petraeus, who served as the top U.S. commander in Iraq and Afghanistan, assumes his new role Tuesday: director of the CIA.

Petraeus succeeds Leon Panetta, who is now the U.S. secretary of defense.

At a ceremony marking his retirement from the military last week, Petraeus said his journey with the military was not coming to an end, even though he and his wife were "about to begin an exciting new journey with another extraordinary organization."

President Barack Obama has cited Petraeus' experience in working with the CIA on counterinsurgency efforts in the field as a reason for his nomination as the agency's director.

Alleged hate crime: The family of James Craig Anderson, a man who was beaten and then run over in a Jackson, Mississippi, motel parking lot, will hold a news conference Tuesday morning.

The family's announcement will come the same day that a pre-trial hearing is scheduled for one of the teens accused in Anderson's death.

Prosecutors have said the killing of Anderson, who was a black man, was racially motivated.

The killing - which sparked national attention after CNN obtained and aired exclusive surveillance video that shows the attack as it took place - is also being investigated by the U.S. Justice Department.

Anderson, 49, was first beaten by the group of teens as he stood in a motel parking lot early on the morning of June 26, according to some of the teens who were interviewed by police.

After the beating, a group of teens drove a large Ford pickup truck over Anderson, according to witnesses and officials. Anderson died from his injuries later the same day.

UK phone hacking: British lawmakers will grill former newspaper executives Tuesday as they try to determine whether top News Corp. executive James Murdoch misled them about the scale of illegal eavesdropping at News of the World.

Murdoch, the son of News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch, has repeatedly told lawmakers that an investigation showed no evidence of widespread phone hacking at News of the World.

But the former editor of the paper has disputed James Murdoch's account, and will testify before the Culture, Media and Sport Committee. Colin Myler will be joined by Tom Crone, a former top lawyer for the paper.

Former top human resources officer Daniel Cloke and ex-legal affairs director Jonathan Chapman are also due to testify.

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    Burning down the house of Faux news.

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  10. Scottish Mama

    Another right-wing thug from Washington to head the CIA,I see. These thugs help fuel that obscene war. Won't it ever stop? The MCI must be dancing in the streets. So much right-wing mumbo-jumbo is bringing this country to its knees. How revolting! Those right-wing thugs have to go. It's as simple as that!

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    • Scottish Mama

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    • Scottish Mama

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    Good post Scottish Mama,thank you. You said it all.

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  13. Travis

    Another left-wing thug from Washington to head the CIA,I see. These thugs help fuel that great war. I hope it will never stop! The MCI must be dancing in the streets. So much left-wing mumbo-jumbo is bringing this country to glory. I'm revolting! Those left-wing thugs have to go. I'm simple as a rock!!!

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      Here goes the Tea Party Brigade again, dragging peoples' names through the mud as they like to ridicule them for their own amusement. Sorry Travis, but I guess that I'll be next!

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    Good post Travis,thank you.

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    Right wing, left wing...takes both to fly.

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