Gotta Watch: Too old too soon?
One young pageant contestant shows off her false costume enhancements.
September 9th, 2011
10:22 AM ET

Gotta Watch: Too old too soon?

Parenting isn't an exact science, which is probably why there's so much variation in technique from family to family. But sometimes, parents employ practices that raise eyebrows. Whether it's dressing a daughter up like a cinematic prostitute for a beauty pageant or giving your toddler fake breasts, you've gotta watch these controversial parenting choices.

Pageant enhancement – A toddler pays homage to Dolly Parton in a beauty pageant - complete with a set of fake breasts and padded butt.
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Botox baby mom – Which is more startling: a mother who claims to give her young daughter Botox so she can compete in beauty pageants, or a mother who later says her Botox tale was a hoax? You decide.
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Do a little dance – These dancers caused controversy when their performance video went viral. Critics said the moves were too sexually suggestive for such young girls. But, the dancers’ parents totally supported the routine.
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Too hot for tots? – Even this mom admits dressing her toddler like a prostitute for a beauty pageant may not have been the best idea, but she did think it was funny. With the inspiration coming from her favorite movie, watch this mother explain why she decided to dress her daughter like a character from "Pretty Woman."
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  1. mejazzbo

    The reason pedophiles have it so easy is parents are so stupid.

    September 9, 2011 at 7:45 pm | Report abuse |
  2. Patrick0101

    Wait... what are you trying to prove?

    – Thanks for the height?

    – So bowling balls and buildings fall at the same speed? Isn't that a basic tenet of gravity? Pianos and bowling balls fall at the same speed too...

    – No plane hit it... but isn't this World Trade 7!? It was located below 2 falling 110 story towers... That's way way WAY more damage to it than a plane... I'm surprised it was still standing in the first place.

    – Like I said... surprised it was still standing...

    – What does the BBC thing MEAN? The BBC news organization is in on the conspiracy with the USA? That's getting really convoluted... grand conspiracies only work when very, very, very few and loyal people know it. And one group you DON'T want knowing anything is anyone in a foreign news agency. Can you imagine BBC's ratings if they broke a story like that? Cha-Ching!

    – And for the rest of your points... fine... maybe they did demolish it. What does it prove? That they dropped a severely damaged building located below the WTC towers? That makes complete sense and is something that would be advised. If a building is severely damaged (and having just Googled WTC 7's image... wow... that qualifies its whole side has a gash through it and if on fire) you don't go into it and clean up.. you drop the building. Of course, you could conclude that maybe on a day that two towers have been felled by airplanes.. you would likely want to keep it a little hush hush since it would just fuel conspiracy theories... You know damn well that it would if or if not the gov't had a hand in towers 1 and 2.

    So no, I am not trolling you. I am not denying a vast majority of your points... But you have a laundry list of items that seem interesting but don't point to any definitive conclusion other than one you can make up in your head with your own fantasies. That isn't me denying anything... that is the simple fact of what you have done. I enjoy rhetoric as much as the next person... but yours breaks down the minute you look at it seriously. If you are going to make claims, tell us WHAT THEY MEAN. How does each point coincide with a grand conspiracy?

    But by now you likely have figured I'm just a sheep-person who doesn't believe you because I don't want to not because of the obvious fact that you did not construct an argument and simply told me a bunch of facts about WTC 7 and ignored occam's razor completely. Fine, whatever, enjoy thinking you a secret that others refuse to know. 🙂

    September 9, 2011 at 7:46 pm | Report abuse |
  3. rhodesma

    the mom on the dolly parton video compared her daughter and the pageants to cheerleading in older girls. which is absolutely moronic. you can't compare the two. there is a huge difference between a high schooler in cheerleading to a 3 year old in a beauty pageant. a teenager can make their own decisions as to what they want to do for themselves. a 3 year old really doesn't have the wherewithall to really say "yeah, i want to be in a beauty pageant and wear a dolly parton costume." all of these mothers are just unhappy women trying to live vicariously through their daughters because they missed their change and can't be in a pageant anymore.

    September 12, 2011 at 11:12 pm | Report abuse |
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