New Yorkers in the post-9/11 landscape: 'People have bonded together'
Minas Polychronakis reopened his shoe shop on Wall Street after the original was destroyed in the September 11 attacks.
September 10th, 2011
07:00 AM ET

New Yorkers in the post-9/11 landscape: 'People have bonded together'

There’s no denying that New York is a changed place 10 years after the attacks that destroyed the twin towers and took the lives of 2,753 people.

The city has physically changed and people will forever mourn the losses. The psyche of the city has changed, too.

“We are more patient. We are more caring. I think people have bonded together,” said Sandy Levine, owner of the Carnegie Deli in midtown Manhattan. "I think we all think as one now."

Minas Polychronakis greets his customers every morning from behind the counter of his shoe shop on Wall Street. The store wasn’t always there. The original shop was on the lower concourse of the World Trade Center.

“It was raining glass, papers and bodies of course,” Polychronakis said. “I went outside and I saw the second plane hit the number two building.”

He saw a change in people that day, one that has lasted: "more kind."

"Sometime you have to pay the price to realize how good we are. They changed us for better," he said.

Newspaper columnist Pete Hamill has written about the people who make up the fabric that is New York for five decades.

“Because September 11 happened to us - not to me, not to he or she or you, but to us - that stayed in our character,” Hamill said.

“And I think with any kind of luck it will stay there as long as we’re here.”

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  1. mkevin

    Nothing like the pot calling the kettle black is there Scottish Momma, how many times have you used tea partier as a derogatory term on someone who disagrees with you. More times than I can count btw I'm not a tea party member I'm an independent, I've voted republican, democrat and libertarian but then I think I said that before you just choose to ignore it because it doesn't fit nice and neat into you little categorization of people.

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  2. kevin

    Actually the only thing that went on with Ruby Ridge under Bush was that about a year before Clinton took office there were federal charges filed against the Weavers clinton and Reno are the ones who sent 400 agents in to take out the Weavers. Reagan had nothing to do with it but hey don't let facts get in your way.

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    • Scottish Mama

      It started in 1982. 10 years before Clinton got into office. Maybe you can do more studying and we can talk about it when you are more educated on the subject.
      And you brought up party first. It is true when I think of Tea party I think of Sarah Palin who I do not respect at all.
      No you have me mixed up with someone else. I rarely use the term Tea Partier. When someone like you is giving me trouble I call you a troll. And usually because they steal my name Scottish Mama.
      If you want to have honest conversations, you have to be truthful. we never finished our first debate.
      I am not at war as you are at me.
      You seem to be angry or maybe you do not like women. I do not care what your damage is. But if you disrespect me again I shall never address you again. If ya don't give a shyt don't write.

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  3. Anonymous

    If 9/11 is real and this is not a fake news story we may be in trouble. The attack either came from within the United States or outside the country. If the secret service building really went down something may of escaped either a very dangerous person or something not human. If the attack came from within the United States there is a possibility Charlotte, North Carolina is involved. If true BOA in Charlotte is involved and so is the Indian population in the city. Something is currently being planned in Charlotte, North Carolina. There may be another future attack on the United States. I saw a group of people in Charlotte deliberately causing traffic for some reason. It appeared the people were being trained to do this. There is something wrong in Charlotte, North Carolina and Washington D.C. and the east coast better watch its back. This is no joke! There could be a major attack coming soon to the east coast. Do not trust Charlotte, North Carolina!

    August 21, 2013 at 11:17 pm | Report abuse |
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