Tweets and blogs address 9/11 emotions
Peter Samuelson, 6, tires on a firefighter hat after a memorial service Sunday at Old St. Patrick's Church in New York City.
September 11th, 2011
02:20 PM ET

Tweets and blogs address 9/11 emotions

Twitter users and bloggers were keen Sunday to share tributes to the victims and heroes of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Frequently used Twitter hashtags included #Sept11, #NeverForget, #WTC, #FDNY, #Wherewereyou, #911whereiwas, #NYC, #godblessamerica, and #RIP 9 (which probably was supposed to be 9/11, but Twitter cut it off after the slash).

While many tweets sounded the same notes of honor for the dead and condolence to their families, a few stood out. Some examples:

FDNYnews: Today we honor the 343 #FDNY members & thousands of others killed 10 years ago. They were all heroes.

Queen Rania of Jordan: As we remember that tragic morning ten years ago today, let us work together for better understanding and reconciliation.

1PolicePlaza: Today we remember the 23 NYPD Officers, NYC's finest that were killed at the site of the WTC.

Anonym_Iran: On 2001/09/11, thousands and thousands Iranians went instantly in the streets with candles in homage to the victims.

Rachel Sklar, editor-at-large, Hold ya head, NYC ... still the greatest city in the world. Salute, 143 (143 is code for "I love you")

JennymontyinSD (Jennifer Montgomery): I was working in the US Capitol, the Let's Roll heroes of Flight 93 prob saved my life. Peace, Love, & Remembrance to all.

Pandaa_TC: It's hard to think that the victims of 9/11 were home sleeping in bed with their families 10 years ago. RIP 9/11.

Jeffhardyforevr, a New Yorker named Dawn: Unfulfilled unfinished undone and innocent. The sadness n stress is washing over me like a black cloud. Miss you SO much Joey RIP 9/11/01

New York poet Amalie Flynn completed a year-long project to post a short poem every day to remember 9/11 and honor its victims and heroes on her blog at

A blogger called Star Bear on wrote, among other things, "Things are changing, some minds are changing. There are quiet, joyful voices singing in harmony. Peace to you this day, may your heart be filled with peace - and joy."

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  1. s kel

    And I was wearing my dress uniform with all my ribbions, lol

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  2. s kel

    I will,thank you again.

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  4. Justen beiber

    Why dint the oklahoma bombing get this much coverage every year. Just when u get over thus tragedy, the government and media blow it out if proportion and fake terrorist threats. If the terrorists was smart they'd watch our news and know when to plan an attack. The boy eho cried wolf. Each year on 9/11 the media and govermwnt start up plot rumors to send people into panic mode. I wonder how many mire hate crimes we had yesterday. Thinking I'll take a long poop on a plane and add water on my face when I walk out the door.

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  5. jim

    Didn't need to know that last part Justin, bathroom duties should stay in the bathroom.

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  7. YuriNotly

    half an hour searching the internet about it and not much information anywhere

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