Authorities: 2.5 pounds of pot sent to home of Bengals player
The Bengals wide receiver is tackled after making a catch against the Denver Broncos last weekend.
September 22nd, 2011
01:29 PM ET

Authorities: 2.5 pounds of pot sent to home of Bengals player

A package containing 2.5 pounds of marijuana was delivered to the Kentucky home of Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson earlier this week, drug enforcement officials in California said Thursday.

Authorities tracked the package from a mail distribution center in Sacramento to Simpson's home in the Cincinnati suburb of Crestview Hills, Kentucky, said Michelle Gregory of the California Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement. The package originated in Eureka in northern California, she said, and was one of 40 packages authorities were tracking.

The California authorities notified those in Kentucky, who monitored the delivery. Aleen Smith, identified as Simpson's girlfriend, signed for the package, Gregory said.

A search of the home, to which Simpson consented, revealed six more pounds of marijuana along with scales, boxes and packaging materials consistent with a distribution operation, Gregory said.

Simpson and a teammate who was at his house, offensive tackle Anthony Collins, were questioned and released, Gregory said.

Charges in the case are expected to be filed this week, she said, but it was unclear Thursday where those charges would be filed. Whether the charges are state or federal, they will likely be felony charges, Gregory said.

The Kenton County, Kentucky, prosecutor's office said Thursday it had no comment on the case.

Calls to Simpson's home on Thursday were hung up on.

Bengals public relations director Jack Brennan said the situation is fluid but would not make further comment.

Simpson is a fourth-year wide receiver from North Carolina. He has started both the Bengals' games this season, grabbing eight passes for 180 yards.

Collins is a fourth-year linebacker from Texas who has played mostly special teams this year, according to the Bengals' website.

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    I thought the same thing!


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  2. banasy©

    Ruffie, WHO do you work for?

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    oh my you guys crack me up!!!

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  4. gung hoe

    Hey banasy was your ears ringing about 730

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  5. WJoseph

    Really!!! How stupid is this? Football player by day, drug dealer at night.

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  6. ted

    Anthony Collins is not a linebacker out of Texas, he's an OL out of Kansas. It's hard to fully believe a story when all the facts aren't even correct.

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  7. Sam

    He wife smokes... So what? I doubt it's him because he could smoke the fake weed they cant test for if he wanted. What a waste of resources. Legalize it and hunt down the dangerous drugs

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  8. Brandt Hardin

    Let’s keep celebrities and everyday citizens from crowding our courts and jails contributing to the money pit that is the War on Pot. Groups are organizing all over the country to speak their minds on reforming pot laws. I drew up a very cool poster for the cause which you can check out on my artist’s blog at Drop in and let me know what you think!

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    @gung hoe:
    Were you talking about my fabulosity? Lmao!

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  10. Mary

    I just had a nice lil' smoke right before I read the article and the posts. I had to read everything several time and actually stopped and started several more times to open the candy wrappers and stop and get some ice cream. Needless to say, I guess it was an interesting article but quite lengthy! •MARY•

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    • Mmmmm must be really stooooned.

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    Yep banasy you know my heart skips a beat when i hear your name

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  13. bigwilliestyles

    Some of you people need to be reminded that this is a BLOG. You are confusing it with a SOCIAL NETWORKING site. You want Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace. Please leave the blogging to the adults.

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    • Darwin

      Thanks for pointing that out, but you're wasting your time trying to educate this lot. You'll find these same people on almost every CNN blog. Now I understand why they never have anything intelligent to say, they've smoked themselves stupid.

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  14. Mark V

    It was all for Cedric Benson.

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  15. gung hoe

    No hey banasY This Morning
    chrissy and myself was having a disagreement and I Rememberd and told her what you had said about disagreeing and still being friends

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