Overheard on CNN.com: Banks aren't getting the message
Citi announced new banking fees for its midlevel clients Wednesday, which was not popular with CNN.com readers.
October 5th, 2011
04:18 PM ET

Overheard on CNN.com: Banks aren't getting the message

Comment of the day:

“How ironic that this story sits next to a story about Occupy Wall Street. Someone did not get the memo.” - BillyRyan

Citi raises checking account fees

Citi announced Wednesday that they are slapping customers with another fee — this time on midlevel checking accounts — for members who do not maintain minimum balances of $15,000 on their combined accounts.

And for CNN.com readers, the announcement seemed like the straw that broke the camel's back: they were livid and encouraged Citi clients to withdraw their funds. Others shared their positive experience with credit unions and said people should follow in their footsteps.

RogerBlatto said, “How completely arrogant and greedy can these banks get. They likely know that 99 percent of people cannot afford to keep $15K in cash in their accounts. So charge them $20 while you let the rich get a free ride? Maybe these Wall Street protesters have a point after all.”

tstorm9200 said, “Credit unions are about to explode in growth!”

Mindurbiz said, “Welcome to the impact of government regulations. You clip previous revenue streams and they end up being distributed across the board.”

Richard Buchanan responded, “That's exactly what the banks want you to think and say: Blame the government not the rich CEO's and Wall Street tycoons…”

tstorm9200 also responded, “You couldn't be more wrong. It's Bush-led deregulation for the past decade that got us into this mess.”

Libslost said, “Everyone, transfer your money out of Citi! Put them out of business.”

Imintexas responded, “That is the KEY libslost. If everyone would get on the same page and support one another we could control a lot of what is happening here. If 3/4 of all Citi customers pulled and went to another bank who is not charging Citi would suffer and the other bank would not, and probably would not even consider fees, because they just got a huge number of new customers and they won't want to loose them.”

Pdough said, “For the life of me, I can't understand why people continue to keep their money (or what's left of it) at these banks. Have you not all heard of local credit unions? I pay a total of $10 per month service charge, have free checking and savings, have no restrictions or fees associated with the use of my debit card or online transactions and I have an overdraft/credit line that I can access at any time and I only pay 9 percent interest on any outstanding balance (no additional fees).”

Ethandy said, “This is obscene. Banks screw up, taxpayers bail them out, banks increase fees on them ‘to recover the lost revenue from swipe fee regulation.’ How incredibly arrogant and insulting. People are hurting and these big banks have no scruples whatsoever to make it even harder for them. They're making record profits even with the new regulations. I have to believe that they just don't want individual checking account customers anymore. That they are happy with just maintaining their commercial clients. It's time to bail from these banks, people. Let the free market prevail. You are free to leave.”

Guest said, “Funny how everyone thought I was crazy a few years ago for saving money the old fashion way and not trusting banks. Screw the banks! Screw those who continue to support them!”

Guest said, “Well, they will be either looking for another bail out or just go bankrupt, because everyone I know with a bank account there is leaving. Vote with your money people.”

Mike280 said, “Thank you USAA, for being a shining beacon of light in an otherwise dark world.”

5612jean said, “Like a lot of people I am fed up with everyone who has their hand in my pocket ripping me off. The rent just went up, they are no longer paying for the utilities that were formerly included in the high rent. I have a car payment. Got a .28 cent raise. Now the bank wants more of my money. They can impose this fee if they want to. I will take my little bank account straight to the credit union. Enough is enough. The rich keep getting richer. Greed it's the American way.”

In support of banks, wildman69 said, “Banks are a private business and no one is forced to use them. That fact is, many people who use banks have little to no savings to help the bank offset costs of account maintenance. Many 401k's and other retirement accounts have a stake in BofA's profits, so you can curse them, but your either making money from them, or costing them money."

Mmm…sour beer

Beer aficionado and blogger Nathan Berrong (who works at CNN’s satellite desk) shared his love of sour beers on CNN.com’s Eatocracy site—that’s right, sour beer. Apparently beer drinkers either love it or hate it and many readers shared their insights on the bitter adult beverage.

Teethscrape said, “Cascade Brewing out of Portland, Oregon has the best sour beers I have ever had!”

Char said, “Ommegang Zuur – it was my gateway sour ale. Love this style of beer!

2xltall said, “I recommend Bell's Oarsman!”

Plastiklov said, “Jolly Pumpkin is an excellent brewery out of Dexter, Michigan, specializing in sour beer!!!! Can't believe they were overlooked in this article!”

Sour Tooth said, “I absolutely love sour beers, and have since I was first introduced to craft beer. Duchesse, Petrus, and Rodenbach are my favorite mainstays, and Consecration is my all time favorite American sour (thus far). While I love La Folie, I have also really enjoyed New Belgium's Eric's Ale and Le Terroir. Cantillon obviously brews the best in the world, and I'm still searching for my holy grail, the Blabaer. Great article Nathan!”

Beer snob said, “I have yet to taste an American sour that can stand up to a Belgium. There are some good ones out there...but the wild yeast strands cannot be duplicated.”

Jay said, “I was in Belgium back in May. There is a small town called Beersel about 15km outside Brussels, a cute little Flemish town. They have a castle and are home to Drie Fontinein Brewery and a restaurant by the same name. Their gueze, kriek, and lambic are out of this world. The best kept secret? Their Beersel Lager, the best lager I have ever had!”

Traveller said, “There are LOTS of beers that have a sourness to them outside of the obvious Belgian varieties. You should probably also go to Finland and experience sahti. I know it's not as hip as the lambics, but sould very much be on every beer lovers to-do list.”

prs2cube said, “Back in the 70s-80s, there used to be Berliner Weiss at the Brickskeller in DC. It was sourer than a lambic – so sour that it was traditionally mixed with raspberry syrup. Don't know if it's still available here. Apparently no American craft brewery has attempted the style. Oh well...”

njw responded, “It is a shame that the Brick is no more. Great place to go for some one of a kind beers.”

Greg Malor said, “Big fan of beer. Not a fan of sour beers. I've tried them. I guess my tastebuds are not "complex" enough to enjoy them.”

Clutch fan said, “I just had a Clutch Dark Sour Ale and it is the best beer I've had in years. Too bad I'm 12 hours away from the nearest bottle...”

jimmy jam flam man said, “You yahoos ain't got jack on Pabst Blue Ribbon!”

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