Schwarzenegger inaugurates museum in Austria
Arnold Schwarzenegger attends the inauguration of his museum Friday in Thal, Austria, his birthplace.
October 7th, 2011
03:27 PM ET

Schwarzenegger inaugurates museum in Austria

He always said he’d be back.

Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to his birthplace in the village of Thal in Styria, Austria, on Friday for the inauguration of his museum.

Moving through the crowd and smiling broadly, Schwarzenegger waved to well-wishers as they snapped photos of him and screamed his name. Even in the rain, common folk and dignitaries, including federal chancellor Werner Faymann and Styria Governor Franz Voves, showed up in large numbers for the event, which was accented by a serenade from the village band.

Schwarzenegger, wearing a gray suit, looked more like the Governator than the hometown boy who left this small town in the late 1960s to pursue a career in America as a bodybuilder.

The former California governor told young people that he wanted them to understand that everybody can have success.

"The museum is a symbol of the will, that everyone has a chance in life,” he told them, according to CNN affiliate ORF in Austria. "Personal success is the result of determination, hard work and tenacity."

Mementos from his three careers - bodybuilding, acting and politics - are enshrined at the museum. From his weight-training days, there’s a barbell. Representing his time in Hollywood, there's some "Terminator" paraphernalia and the sword he used in the “Conan” films. Also on display is a copy of his desk from his time as governor.

Unveiled at the event was a hulking bronze statue of Schwarzenegger flexing as a bodybuilder.

Schwarzenegger used the occasion to indulge fans via social media as well, tweeting a photo of himself hugging his former teacher. “She said she lived this long to make sure we made something of ourselves,” he tweeted.

Schwarzenegger was accompanied by his 18-year-old son, Patrick, who was met by a chorus of screaming female fans.

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    wtg banasy. You are the queen. Stereotypical, but 'queen' nonetheless. congrats.

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  8. Manzoor Hussain

    My best wishes to Arnold Schwarzenegger, I was also a bodybuilder at my university time and still a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Good Wishes for Arnold Schwarzenegger ever ...
    Manzoor Hussin, Quetta Pakistan

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