October 13th, 2011
01:39 PM ET

Security forces storm Syrian city, activists say

Security forces raided a northern Syrian city amid explosions and gunfire early Thursday and casualties have been reported, activists said.

The forces clashed with gunmen believed to be dissidents in the city of Binnish in Idlib province, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The Local Coordination Committees of Syria, another activist group, said 14 people had been killed, including 12 in Binnish and one each in Homs and Daraa. Among those dead are at least two young children, the group said.

"Syrian military forces supported by tanks and armored personnel carriers stormed the city early this morning," Syrian Observatory said. "Heavy machine guns and shelling have been heard around the city."

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  1. Jacques Sprenger

    What can we do for the poor Syrian people? Very little. Obama is not going to launch a new theater of operations in the Middle East, even after the discovery of the poorly designed plot to kill the Saudi ambassador. We simply can't afford it and Republicans and Democrats alike are too busy preparing for the upcoming elections to try and upset the apple cart. We can only do to Syria what we do to Iran: sanctions, very weak sanctions. Read my articles on the Arab spring at


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  2. Tokapei

    Anything that has blogspot in it's address isn't an article. It's a blog. Is it just me, or is there a distinct proliferation of spammers cropping up here lately?

    Read all about it at


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  3. sjdsh

    Upwards of one million participants families and everyday Syrian citizens at yesterdays huge rally in Damascus,Syria stressed determination for moving forward in the reform process to make Syria an example of democracy and freedom, calling to ignore seditious calls for sabotage backed by foreign agendas. For his part, Father Boulos Khayyat from the Syrian community in Canada thanked Russia and China for their support and standing by Syria. A joyous celebration
    that NATO did not receive the go ahead from unsc for another'humanitarian bombing'. Hooray!God Bless Syria!

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  4. sjdsh

    Wednesday 95 men arrested and a number of cars confiscated with fake license plates used by terrorists in crimes against Syria.In addition to the cars, the authorities confiscated a large amount of firearms, ammunition, digital cameras and satellite transmission equipment. Also found were several caches of explosives and a car with fake governmental license plates rigged with explosives in al-Bayyada neighborhood, also a car full of firearms such as RPG rounds, rifles and handguns.

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