Overheard on CNN.com: A few good people can combat evil
Police carry away chains that were used to imprison handicapped people in the basement of a Philadelphia apartment building.
October 17th, 2011
12:49 PM ET

Overheard on CNN.com: A few good people can combat evil

Comments of the Day:

"The landlord and the block captain are heroes and should be awarded." - CWhatsNew

"The block captain notified the landlord, who checked on the situation not once, but twice. There will always be bad people. We are OK in this country as long as there are more good people." - PatSJ

Landlord finds mentally disabled people locked in basement; 3 arrested

A landlord alerted by a neighborhood block captain found four mentally handicapped people locked in the basement of his apartment building in Philadelphia. Three people have been arrested and accused of detaining them and stealing their Social Security checks.

CNN.com readers applauded the block captain, Danyell Tisdale, and landlord, Turgut Gozleveli, for their good citizenship and wondered how to stop evil from happening. maxhedroom said, "Thankfully someone saw something odd and did something about it." Ulaa said, "The important thing is SOMEBODY gave a damn."

khill9702 said, "That is a rather vigilant block captain. Actually gives meaning to an unofficial and voluntary labor of love for some people, being a block captain. Who knows how long they would have been down there if she didn't call the building owner to come inspect his property."

Ohio1970 said, "To Ms Tisdale: You definitely did the right thing. You saved four lives today! And to the landlord: Thank you for taking her concerns seriously. You, too, helped save their lives. As the parent of a developmentally disabled adult this story made me weep. The system has failed these four individuals. There is no excuse."

inc0gnit0 said, "This is terrible. On the other hand, no more terrible than the homeless mentally ill wandering the streets, discarded by society. Of course, unlike the three suspects, society as a whole can't be prosecuted."

Eliz1108 said, "As any human, I find this disturbing. As a mother of a young child that is developmentally disabled, this frightens me. My daughter will someday become an adult and eventually outlive me. Although I have the ability to prepare for her future as best I possibly can while living, there is no doubt that one day the responsibility for her wellbeing and care will rest on someone else. I hope and pray that more will take a stand and advocate for the special needs community.

nathan5871 said, "What the hell is the matter with this world? This bizarre behavior is becoming more and more frequent in the news these days."

JeanVSeatte said, "There are good people in the world, dear heart. That's why everyone is so shocked and horrified when something like this comes to light - it disgusts us. Don't worry, most of us are good most of the time."

TimSims said, "It's a perfect example of how normal people can help prevent evil, simply by being concerned about their neighborhood and their neighbors. Rather than focus on the evil, why not focus on the good? Be like this block captain and the landlord who took her seriously enough to look into the situation repeatedly."

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