At Occupy New Orleans, ‘It’s about a discussion’
Occupy New Orleans protesters gather in New Orleans on October 16.
October 21st, 2011
08:48 PM ET

At Occupy New Orleans, ‘It’s about a discussion’

In New Orleans, Occupy Wall Street-style protesters say they want two things: an honest discussion and a little recognition.

Mindy Diez, a 26-year-old teacher taking part in Occupy New Orleans protests, said she believes that what the movement is doing for people on a personal level is as important as what it is doing nationally.

Diez said that for years, whenever she talked politics with her dad, the conversations would fall apart. But she said that since she has joined the Occupy movement, she’s had sustained talks with her dad, focusing on “issues rather than political players.”

“I think it’s larger than a protest,” Diez said. “It’s about a discussion.”

Fellow protester Joshua Liggin agreed. “I think it’s good, in general, that people are just gathering to talk about what’s upsetting them. That we’re actually articulating our problems and not just letting it pass us by.”

That is something the Occupy movement seems to excel at. Participants, a diverse group, are talking. A recent sampling by Princeton University shows the Occupy protesters in New York span all economic and social demographics, with the vast majority of people saying they are political independents.

While there has been no sampling of the smaller New Orleans movement, participants appear to be just as diverse, with seniors and young people camping at Duncan Plaza in the city’s financial district.

Scott Khiavatta, a self-described libertarian, is one of the semi-regulars at the New Orleans camp. He said the movement is about “people being recognized as people fed up with a corrupt system.”

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