Overheard on CNN.com: There should be a medal, not an investigation
Libyan and world powers wanted to capture and prosecute Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi for alleged war crimes.
October 24th, 2011
04:49 PM ET

Overheard on CNN.com: There should be a medal, not an investigation

Comment of the Day:

"I'll save my outrage for the untold tens of thousands of victims dead by his regime and terrorism support." - sarcastr0

Gadhafi's autopsy reveals he was shot in head

United Nations and international human rights groups are calling for an investigation into Moammar Gadhafi's final moments after an autopsy report failed to reveal whether the killing shot to his head was from crossfire or at close range. Thousands of CNN.com readers argued over whether a trial was necessary, with most echoing Littleman2, who said, "He died the way he lived."

FiatJusticia said, "I cannot believe there are people who are outraged he was killed without a fair trial. I mean how soft are you, really!? This is a tyrant we're talking about, someone who would have your whole family murdered without hesitation. Someone who would have your whole neighborhood wiped out without a blink. This guy is responsible for a lot of deaths. People like you could never be part of a major change because you are afraid to hurt the bad guys. It's called justice ... true justice."

raustin714 said, "This was their Hitler. How would you feel if a relative of someone exterminated in Auschwitz had suddenly the opportunity to point a gun at Hitler's head? Do you think he would pull the trigger? Would you?"

Kamalarani said, "Thousands of victims of Gadhafi were horribly tortured, executed and buried and the UN and so-called Human Rights watches never said a word, or demanded an accounting of their whereabouts. Now they are jumping onto their high horses and demanding an inquiry of how this evil dictator was killed? Give the man a medal and a million-dollar reward. He did the whole world a favor."

pres128 said, "So it was OK to launch NATO airstrikes to try and kill him, and it was OK for Hillary Clinton and other U.S. officials to announce their hopes that he gets killed, but it's not OK to actually kill him? Now it's suddenly a problem?"

TotalFlight said, "I don't see this being much different than taking out Osama; why the investigation on this one?"

B2Tall said, "This whole 'investigation' thing is complete BS. All these countries chiming in (U.S. included) are just going through the motions so they can appear 'shocked and dismayed' at an example of street-justice. In reality, nobody cares. Not the State Dept., not the White House, nobody."

5cuba5teve said, "Gadhafi himself stated he would not be taken alive. ... who knows if a different outcome would've been achievable."

pres128 said, "Gadhafi was given a quick, high-caliber trial, the same consideration he afforded his many victims."

TonyInNYC said, "Since they haven't had the rule of law for 42 years, it was probably too much to ask that the architect of the horror not end up more or less like Benito Mussolini. It's a hard road from here for Libyans to put together a civil society for themselves."

But Jackblob asked, "So when is it okay to put a bullet in the head of someone who has already been captured and when isn't it? Where do you draw the line? You can't turn a blind eye to murder just because it was Gadhafi. I doubt you will find a law written anywhere that says it is okay to murder some people and not others. If it were an American soldier who put the bullet in Gadhafi's head, he would be guilty of killing a prisoner of war."

spyderc85 agreed, saying "Yes he was a tyrant but everyone deserves due process. The Nazis after WW2 were given trials and they were far worse. Saddam was worse than Gadhafi and he received a trial. While I agree this man deserved what he got, the way it was done is not right."

Jackblob said, "If you truly believe that laws and rights apply to all, you must be willing to extend those rights to your most hated enemy."

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  1. Donna?

    Baseless? Anyone here can see how you gals are all the time chit-chatting back and forth like this is your personal playground. Look at my posts! Look at what they say! They say SOMETHING! You gals just gab on and on for hours every single day about all sorts of off topic nonsense. How could I possibly investigate what any of you post? Rarely do you post anything that hasn't already been said by the talking TV heads. And how does one investigate gab? sheeshska PROVE me wrong about nazi Bayer AG and nazi technologies coming here and i'll prove your, uh, what? Say something once in a while. Take a stand on abortion. Take a stand on Obama personally seeing to it that sodomy is still illegal in the military. Go out on a limb once in a while at least. Investigate something and show us what you found. I'm never the topic here, though it seems so with all the guff that follows my every post no matter what.

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    • chrissy

      I know how you feel, Donna? This crap just goes on and on and a lot of it under my name too!!! These senseless messages do need to be blocked and these peope need to be banned from these posts once and for all by CNN!!!

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  2. thesmartalecofcnncomments

    i kinda find historybuffs comments interesting. Jut saiyen. Oh and one of the reasons is who cares bout gadahfi see i dont care enough to spell his name right.

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  3. raven

    Oh gawd, here we go.. we have ALL posted off-topic stuff. Its ok. really. In fact,its kinda nice sometimes. And yes, I meant EVERYBODY here. Some more than others (guilty) but we have ALL shared things that have nothing to do with the topic posted. If you say you havent, maybe you should rewind and rethink. And I stand by what I posted about Gadhafi.

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  4. Philip?

    I'm the topic now, aren't I?
    I'm glad you feel you are above all the stuff that you, yourself used to do.
    How very nice.
    I'm going to take the moral high ground, now, and just say that I haven't done anything to provoke this attack; the focus that you keep putting on me.
    I don't get why you're doing it.

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  5. Philip?

    I agree with you totally, raven.

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  6. banasy©

    I agree with you totally.

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  7. banasy©

    Oh, and Philip?
    You have no right/authority to tell anyone what they may or may not talk about.

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  8. Bimbo the Birthday Clown

    Um....? So how is everybody....?

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  9. banasy©

    Hi, Bimbo.
    Just the usual.
    Phil attacking me for no reason at all.

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  10. Bimbo the Birthday Clown

    Well, maybe he'll get bored and move on. Or not. How long has he been around?

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    I just got on a while ago after a day filled with paperwork. Did I read a post correctly from earlier, is Chrissy already home?

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    Yes, our chrissy is at home.
    She had a major MI.
    We almost lost her.

    My little friend has been around long enough to be lovely as always to me.

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  13. raven

    Hi Bimbo! I left you a post a few days ago. I love Tool but the song you referenced gives me the willies. I always thinka evil clown robots in formation. (no offense ) . Seen Tool 3 times and named my dog Maynard. Also love Perfect Circle.

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    I got aheadache

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    And if the one complaining (of late) about stayin on topic,is who I think it is, shes got a nerve. When she first got here, she was the worst: always bellyachin about so-and-so hurting her feelings,always askin for and giving out phone numbers,hookin up with guys, desperate for guys approval but constantly competin (in her own mind) with the women, desperate for attention, and talkin about personal stuff constantly,always talkin about leavin and not comin back but then insistin she aint goin anywhere..NOW shes gonna preach about US stayin on topic ?? Hello Mr Kettle, Im Mr Pot, my youre black. As Philip would say: Get a clue.

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