October 26th, 2011
08:17 AM ET

Yemeni women burn veils in protest

Yemeni women defiantly burned their traditional veils Wednesday in protest of President Ali Abdullah Saleh's brutal crackdown on anti-government demonstrations.

Thousands of women gathered in the capital, Sanaa, said witnesses. They carried banners that read: "Saleh the butcher is killing women and is proud of it" and "Women have no value in the eyes in Ali Saleh."

They collected veils and scarves in a huge pile and set it ablaze in an act that is highly symbolic in the conservative Islamic nation.

More than 60 women were attacked in October alone by the government, said protester Ruqaiah Nasser. Government forces are raiding homes and also killing children, she said.

"We will not stay quiet and will defend ourselves if our men can't defend us," she said. "

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  1. banasy©

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  2. bobcat2u


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    Hello everybody else.

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  3. Scottish Mama

    I am sorry you have only slipped twice since we are all s– ual beings. I think you have gone totally in the other direction of being normal. But your normal may not be everyone elses normal. Slipping is not a weakness it is being human, with wanting to have human contact. Maybe it isolates you and makes you unable to comnunicate on a level of caring, but of a level of harshness and rigid thought? Just sayin. And caling people microbloggers belittles our thoughts and makes your opinions more important?
    Obesity is not only liberal problem only, The tea party crowd had way more fat people than the occupy crowd,

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  4. banasy©

    Good point.
    Observations are opinions, nothing more, nothing less.

    I do not believe that hypocritical ultra-conservative quasi-religious men should be leading this country, either.

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    • Karma Police

      Yee Haw!!!!

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  5. banasy©

    I fail to see what espousing wearing of a condom is being foolhard, but again, that is an opinion wholly owned by the individual.

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  6. Chinamen

    "partisan microblogging" is not a term that I made-up. Google it. Prior to the ADD epidemic, people used to write long letters to congressmen, and for years online, the average person would post lengthy comments pertaining to the issues of the day. Now, people mostly just post many little posts instead of just a few lengthy ones. ADD (attention deficit disorder) is just as real as AIDS is, but the sunject never arises here. When I bring these subjects up, I am accused of focusing on someone who suffers from one of these conditions, or I am yelled at for being off-topic by someone who almost exlusively just comes here to chit-chat about nothing important. (anyway...back to worky)

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    • I'm angry

      Or maybe you were molested but you enjoyed it and came back for more. And he got tired of you. And you can't take the rejection.

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  7. banasy©

    “Saleh the butcher is killing women and is proud of it” and “Women have no value in the eyes in Ali Saleh.”

    I hope they succeed in their message.
    It is important to realize that demonizing these women really only belittles the men trying to do it.
    One day, though, one day...

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  8. Chinamen

    ...like whichever one of you are posting as 'im angry'. That is totally childish for an adult, and is a symptom of ADD and child abuse. What can it possibly accomplish. Good day, ladies. Try to remain on topic? he he

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    • Scottish Mama

      I post as I always do, I have no problem. but you always change and put yourself as others, are you childish?
      Really Philip, topic? get real, you would have to take your own advice and I make no bones about shiney objects, I am a multi-tasker.

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    • Karma Police

      WHAT? A symtom of ADD/ADHD and child abuse?? Are you freakimg KIDDING ME? ROTFLMAO! Tinfoil hat coming your way soon!!!

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  9. I'm angry

    And especially if that white man is my husband.

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  10. guest

    Is it possibel to click report abuse on the whole thread? Good God.

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    • Scottish Mama

      Only if you stay on topic.lol

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    • George Patton

      I feel the same way, guest! CNN soarly needs to do something about all these mindless Tea Partiers here never saying anything at all but ruining this discussion for the rest of us!!!

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    • Beatrice Patton

      The subject is not the TeaParty, Daddy, so s t f u and go find Ruth!

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  11. banasy©

    It's the unknown that's out to get you. He he.

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  12. Karma Police

    Looks like the only subjects we can comment on are the ones CHINAMAN brings up!!! LAMO! This has been the most off-topic thread EVER!!!

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  13. Chinaman

    The topic is a foreign woman from Yemen who had decided to protest. I've related her protest to the protests on Wall Street, and to the womens liberal movement of the 1960s. So far, the OWS protests have been met with brutalality. The liberal womens movement was met with free seyz and drugs, and the baby boom resulting from the rampant increase in promiscuous seyxual activities. The only thing good that came out of the lib movement was legal abortions and the spreading of crabs originally, HIV today. Oh, women were given some token spots as gov. officials, just as an Yemebi woman wins this years Nobel Peace prize. I've been to Yemen. I was there in 1986, and the situation remains the same. Equal rights for women isn't the big deal. Foreign oil corporations control Yemens vast oilfields. Some Yemeinis profit by it, most do not. Their civila war was fought over oil with one side armed by US. Guess which side won. Don't be fooled. It's about men dominating women who crave men, and throwing them a bone.

    October 26, 2011 at 3:44 pm | Report abuse |
    • I'm angry

      Are you back, skippy? Go get yourself some thorazine and chill out.

      October 26, 2011 at 3:49 pm | Report abuse |
    • Beatrice Patton

      Do you ever read the thread before you go foaming at the mouth? Moron.

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  14. banasy©

    Women, Chinaman, Women.

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  15. banasy©

    It's about what men tell themselves to justify the harm they do, to satisfy their own nasty base instincts.
    It has everything to with women's oppression, which has been happening since time began, well before the liberating 60's.

    Linking topics is easy; people do it all the time with Kevin Bacon; that doesn't mean it's not a fractured path of thought.
    Which is a sign of ADD/ADHD and child abuse, I understand.

    October 26, 2011 at 4:16 pm | Report abuse |
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