Gotta Watch: Laughing babies
A baby bursts into uncontrollable laughter as his dad rips up rejection letters from prospective employers.
October 27th, 2011
11:35 AM ET

Gotta Watch: Laughing babies

In need of a good laugh? Well, nothing is more contagious than babies giggling. From wacky to just plain cute, Gotta Watch compiled the best videos of goofy infants.

Kids laugh at the darndest things – Most people are annoyed by the sound of snoring, but this baby can't stop laughing at the snoring canine next to her.
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Baby laughs in the face of rejection – This baby seems to have a "glass half full" mentality. Seeing the brighter side in his dad’s job rejection letters, this baby cracks up as his dad shreds the responses from potential employers.
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It’s snot funny – A baby goes from terrified to amused in seconds after watching his mother blow her nose. [cnn-video url=""%5D

Ticklish baby penguin – Even though it’s a baby of another species, this tiny penguin from the Cincinnati Zoo loves a good laugh.
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  3. ORI

    Hey guys if you are not amused on the laughing babies don't watch just a waste of time for you if you're not enjoying it.Kick some shells!

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