Overheard on CNN.com: Road rage is alive and well
CNN.com columnist, LZ Granderson says slower drivers need to be aware of people who need to pass them.
November 1st, 2011
05:23 PM ET

Overheard on CNN.com: Road rage is alive and well

Comment of the day:

"'Anyone going slower than me is a moron...anyone going faster than me is a MANIAC!' George Carlin.’” - skipbt

Slow drivers should get out of the way

This week CNN.com’s LZ Granderson, who is also a senior writer and columnist for ESPN the Magazine and ESPN.com, made the case for faster drivers frustrated by slowpokes. He says that by refusing to move over to the proper lane, people driving at or below the speed limit are infringing on the rights of others who are in a hurry.

Most CNN.com commenters agreed with Granderson, but a few said obeying the speed limit was important, too.

jazzy1224 said, “Can I just say LZ Granderson you are my hero! Well stated!”

tpartypooper responded, “You must have a rough life if your hero is someone who drives impatiently.”

ssn32780 responded, “tpartypooper, I prefer to call it driving ‘purposefully.’ And life is short. I recommend you spend less of it on the road. I do.”

carlee51 said, “If we all left a little earlier, and all drive a little slower, we will all conserve gas. That way, we don't have to send young men overseas to fight for oil so some type A personality (like Granderson) can get to their beach house five minutes faster.”

AmitAtlanta said, “More than the speedsters it's these slow drivers who are the source of wrecks, even if they themselves don't get into one, merely by annoyed drivers doing something stupid just to get past these guys.”

df1978 said, “The left lane is for passing, if you aren't currently passing someone, move over. This all has to do with the selfishness of the public and overcrowding.”

dakkota0000 said, “I really hope this was a sarcastic article. So, by me being a safe driver (i.e., doing the speed limit) I am a bigger problem on the highway than the person behind me, changing lanes every 10 seconds, flashing high beams at me (which may inhibit my vision for driving safely), and riding my bumper? I'm not saying that cruising in the left-hand lane is appropriate when the flow of traffic there is obviously faster. However, when someone feels compelled to do any of those aforementioned things to me, I gently let off the gas and slow down even more. How about you leave 10 minutes sooner so you don't have to fly down the highway at some godforsaken speed? Am I supposed to feel bad about your poor time management?”

meanderphoto responded, “It's called the passing lane for a reason. You're not passing anyone? Get over!”

SteveOBoston said, “If you're in the left lane and driving slowly, you're not a safe driver. You're ignoring the rules of the road and you endanger the rest of the motorists.”

sosofresh said, “I can't tell you the number of times I wished that I had a sign that I could hold up in the window when I am forced to pass someone who is driving at or below the speed limit in the left/passing lane. It would read ‘you are in the PASSING LANE.’"

mmndenver said, “In Colorado there is a law on the books that states that the left lane is for passing only and I've actually seen people get tickets for 'obstructing the flow of traffic.’ It's kind of nice to live in a place where the state patrol will actually run the passive-aggressives out of the left lane. As my father was a professional driver it was drilled into my head from an early age that you stay out of the left lane unless you are passing, period, and as soon as you finished your passing you got out of the left lane.”

paleamerican said, “I agee with you. Anyone driving less than the speed limit should get into the right lane, However, if I am driving the speed limit I have every right to stay in the left lane. Just because you feel that it is OK to break the law by speeding doesn't mean I have to weave left and right to get around those in the right lane driving slow.”

Guest responded, “If you are in the left lane and you see no cars in front of you, a line of cars behind you and many cars are passing you on the right....it doesn't matter what speed you are traveling... MOVE OVER! Common sense. Common courtesy.”

BryonMorriga said, “I drive like a little old lady, in my '84 Mercedes, in the slow lane, with the cruise control set at the exact speed limit. And STILL, I get all y'all speeders riding my bumper, sometimes even honking and constantly cutting me off while you weave in and out of traffic like lunatics. But guess what? We always seem to end up next to each other at the next exit or traffic light.”

Rethink said, “If you don't operate under the assumption that everyone in front of you is your wife and that everyone behind you has diarrhea, you do not belong on the road.”

Bellagrace1 responded, “When I was learning to drive we were told, "Drive like you have a police car behind you.” Rethink's advice might be more effective if he substituted ‘loved one’ for ‘wife.’”

Greek referendum hurts markets

Stock markets in the United States and Europe dropped dramatically on Tuesday after Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou called for a national referendum on international aid for his country. A "no" vote could force Greece to crash out of the euro and send shock waves through the global financial system.

Many CNN.com readers said the decision to conduct a public vote was not helpful to the world economy and didn’t make sense for the people of Greece, either.

JustTruth1 said, “Play nice, Greece, or your global trade/tourism is going to dry up to nothing.”

Guruji said, “I think Greece is doing more harm than good by not going bankrupt. It’s been many months, the Greek uncertainly keeps pulling the markets down. If they were to default the very first time, the market would have had a big dip and then would have climbed back up by now like it did after the 2008 crash. But to try to bail them out and keeping the uncertainty for a long time is no good for anyone except Greece. Why should the world suffer for their mistakes? Let them go down and the world would be fine.”

aaa4242 said, “To start, I am a Greek. I do not understand what the point of Papandreous’s movement is. I do not see what can be achieved by this referendum. Most probably Greeks will vote against the agreement.”

klaus7367 said, “This is a joke. Greece is a small country which somehow has taken the world stage. The assumption is if Greece fails then other larger countries in EMEA will fail. That is speculation at best. Greece has a near one-dimensional economy and was poorly invested in MBS when the crap hit the fan. Let the whole place sink into the sea. It will not destroy EMEA or the United States. This news is just giving short sellers more ways to make money.”

Dhamre said, “The banks made a bad investment by lending to a country that can't pay them back. The bailout will be used to pay them back. It won't go to providing services for the Greeks. They will still have a bankrupt government. This is a bank bailout in disguise.”

PJNorth said, “Greece SHOULD default. Until this whole mess goes back on the books of the Big Banks and the Big Boyz who screwed up the system in the first place, NOTHING will change. Greece should default in full; dump the eurozone and start printing away.

WWWYKI responded, “Since when is it a bank's fault that Greece spent money like a New York Trophy Housewife?”

FelixG said, “The eurozone nations need to cut their losses and toss Greece out. Greece deliberately misled its eurozone partners about its financial position and colluded with Goldman Sachs to hide its true debt level. They've shown they can't be trusted. They have to go. A ruined Greece can then stand as a lesson to any other eurozone nation that would consider acting in a similar dishonest manner.”

jfsearching said, “Oh, how about EU referendum on whether the citizens of EU want to keep Greece in the union!? Nobody asked them whether they are OK with their money going to Greece in the first place.”

sterlingar22 responded, “Letting Greece go is the worst-case scenario. To put it simply, they owe us money (our banks, but we seem to pay for our banks when they mess up) and if they leave the euro, the money they owe us will come out of our pockets.”

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