November 11th, 2011
06:20 PM ET

Oops! Share your stories of Rick Perry-style brain freeze

Let's face it. We've all had our flubs or gaffes or "stepped in it" before. But when you're running for president of the United States, it just seems a whole lot worse.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been the butt of just a few jokes since his failed attempt Wednesday night to name three federal agencies he'd like to get rid of. His last word on the matter has been dubbed "the 'oops' heard round the world."

Sure, many a politician before him has frozen in front of the camera, from Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to former President George Bush, who stared into space in a fruitless effort to name his "biggest mistake." There's even a scientific explanation for it: a "retrieval failure" in a moment exacerbated by stress, according to The Washington Post.

Now in damage control overdrive, Perry has been trying to make people laugh with him as he smiles and jokes his way through interviews, culminating in an appearance Thursday on the Tonight Show with David Letterman.

His campaign even sought to do some fund-raising off the gaffe, encouraging supporters to send $5 for every government agency they "would like to forget."

How about you? What's been your most embarrassing pregnant pause? We promise not to tell!

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  1. Joey Isotta-Fraschini

    I'd hate to see Perry nominated, but almost every great performer I've known has had a few "what-happens-next" moments. When they occur, it's a near-death experience.
    One came for the violinist Fritz Kreisler, playing chamber music in recital with Rachmaninoff.
    Kreisler got lost in the music and whispered, "where are we?"
    Rachmaninoff told him, "in Carnegie Hall."

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  2. Avser Bastian

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  3. CamWhatsUp

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe we have a problem on our hands. As you all know, Ron Paul has been highly criticized for the last 4 years and most of the debates this year by the mainstream media. He has been ridiculed by everyone, and this includes tampering with polls that are supposed to show how the public is reacting to the debates. I would just like to lay out a timeline for everyone on what has been happening.

    1) Anderson Cooper had to run a story about CNN's Morning show that stated they switched a poll result, in which Ron Paul had 76% of the votes with roughly 23,000 people voting, to a CNN INSIDER Poll which 56 people who work within CNN voted and said Rick Perry had won the debate and Ron Paul had 0% of the votes. Thanks to Ron Paul supporters who identified the corruption immediately and started spamming it on YouTube, CNN had their back against the wall and saw the outrage that was taking place publicly and online.

    2) In order to prevent public outrage without letting Congressman Paul get his word out to people during the debates, CNN, MSNBC, and now CBS have decided that asking Congressman Paul questions during the debates probably isn't a good idea considering the primaries are coming up and any new viewers tuning into the election could mean the difference between victory and defeat. He is stomping everyone in the Polls while only receiving sometimes 2 or 3 questions during an hour long debate, while Herman Cain and Mitt Romney and the infamous Rick Perry are receiving sometimes 8 to 9 questions per debate. Congressman Paul has now won straw polls in California, Ohio, Illinois, New Hampshire, Alabama, and although losing to Michelle Bachman by 200 votes he has now gone back and won 2 other straw polls in the same state of Iowa. Yet the media gives us information like this:

    Herman Cain – 18%

    Mitt Romney – 17%

    Newt Gingrich – 12%

    Rick Perry – 6%

    Ron Paul – 5%

    Undecided – 35%

    with the other candidates rounding out the last – 8 %

    If you look up past debates and polls taken from the american people over the last 25 years, NEVER and I repeat NEVER have the american people had a candidate leading for a party with only 18% approval from voters in the polls. This is an indication of FRAUD in the POLLS. Ron Paul, in reality(and I mean HUMAN reality, not the reality the media tells you you are living in because there is a big difference), has about 55% of the votes.

    3) Now since Congressman Paul is still whooping butt in the polls and not speaking during debates, the powers that be have developed a strategy, in which I actually find very scary and brilliant at the same time because I fear that it may work. Over the last 3 debates we have seen Congressman Paul's ideals being high jacked at debates. This is a last ditch effort to confuse the american people. Let me explain:

    John Huntsman – Now wants to bring the troops home instead of nation building in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Newt Gingrich – Now wants to audit the Fed

    Rick Perry – Now wants to Cut (3) departments of the United States government. (But as we all saw, in order to cut them you should at least know their names.) and he is also now preaching about cutting foreign aid to countries.

    I find this disgusting... truly disgusting. First of all, it is a sad attempt to save one's candidacy by plagiarizing another man's ideals while he is standing right next to you on stage, but what I find truly disgusting about this is the lack of respect that Congressman Paul has taken during the debates, and now when the candidates are SAYING THE EXACT SAME THING... NOTHING!!!! Not a word from the media!!! Wake up America, and please keep voting for the man who is actually going to make a change. I hope this helps!!!

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  4. Dan


    November 12, 2011 at 10:23 pm | Report abuse |
  5. banasy©

    OMG, too funny.

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  6. Adam

    My hopes of getting rid of Obama were hinged on Rick Perry having come out last as the most promising amongst the GOP candidates. But his temperament, arrogance and now his total mental freeze at a crucial debate leaves me with no doubt that the one that will defeat Obama is not there yet. Am bracing up for another four years of Obamasm.

    November 13, 2011 at 3:55 am | Report abuse |
    • Jody

      Could be worse George W. Bush could be in office again. After his horrible 8 years anything would be better. Obama man might not be so bad. He went into a mess unlike GWB.

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  7. leeintulsa

    @camwhatsup: the ideals you like about ron paul are libertarian ideals. They are not all republican ideals.

    He's trying to run an end-around on restrictive state voting laws. For example, in oklahoma, every election, reps and dems are automatically on the ballot. Other parties have to get big pet itions signed, pay a huge sum, take three hops, double-take, wave your hands in the air like you don't care, and all *well* before the election. Oh, and you can't start until after the previous election.

    And since only republicans and democrats can be elected, only republicans and democrats can change election laws. And they don't need to. In fact, it would hurt them.

    Where were we?

    Oh, yeah. Ron paul. He won't get the republican nod. You, my friend, are a libertarian. Come help us appeal to supreme courts and sue states for our freedom. I thought anyone could grow up to be president some day..

    Lp dot org

    November 13, 2011 at 10:00 am | Report abuse |
  8. leeintulsa

    @camwhatsup: keep in mind as well – whoever is elected, they will have to deal with congress. Sometimes reps will pile on, sometimes dems will pile on. There will always be the other side of the house.

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  9. dott

    So with these poor choices – why would it be so horrible to have four more years of the Obama's. I am not a Dem but the way they are treating our president gets a little troubling. Everything he tried to do is blocked by the GOP. Hey guys watch out or you just may shoot yourself in the foot. 4 more under a Dem. Maybe that would not be as bad as these miss-fits. Give 'O' credit for at least trying.

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  10. bocat (in a hat)

    President Obama has been an excellent leader for our country. If we can get a congress in there that isn't so adamant about making him fail, we will see this country make an amazing turn-around.
    Let's give him four more years with a cooperative congress and senate, and watch how good it gets.

    November 13, 2011 at 5:16 pm | Report abuse |
    • Jody

      Sounds like a good plan to me. I did not vote for him last time but will this time around. Far better than what I see coming from the other party. Lets do it!

      November 13, 2011 at 8:09 pm | Report abuse |
  11. Hawaiian chilipepper

    Perry is on some kind of medication.

    November 14, 2011 at 5:48 am | Report abuse |
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