December 28th, 2011
01:28 AM ET

2 charged for false claims to get Indiana State Fair stage collapse money

Authorities in Indiana have charged two women for allegedly falsifying hospital records to collect money intended for victims of the Indiana State Fair stage collapse.

Both women claimed they were injured when a stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair in August, killing seven and wounding 61, authorities said.

"It is particularly troubling that individuals would attempt to illegally profit upon a tragedy such as the State Fair stage collapse," said Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry. "We will not stand idly by while greedy individuals take from those who are truly deserving of compensation from this tragedy."

According to prosecutors, Stephanie Murry and Sandra Hurn filed false claims to the Indiana State Fair Remembrance


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    • Tom


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  2. Hugh Jass


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  3. Migael Sanchez

    I think you are right drakorx.Even with no facts people are so greedy,it is not unusual for some to try an d get free money if they can.Once we get more details ,you can bet at least some claims are false.

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  4. banasy©

    People are ass holes.
    Look at all the people who tried to scam after Katrina.

    There are always those who seek to profit off of other people's misery.

    Let's not go there.

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  5. Jim TX

    It's examples like this that make me wish we still used the pillory. I'd put them both out front of the venue for 24 hours.

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  6. fernace

    Put the screwes to these horridly greedy individuals! People died, families had to bury loved 1's, people were injured for life! There is no reason or explanation sufficient to excuse this type of behavior! They are the dirt they're trying to perpetuate! Hello, central lockup!!

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